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USA: The Return of the Lotus

The return of the lotus

Text and photos by Dionesio C. Grava
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It used to be called The Day of the Lotus until organizers added a second day of activities and the Lotus Festival was born.

Featured Video: OFW Speaks Rogelio Libunao

OFW Speaks Rogelio Libunao

Events: ACFIL’s 3n1 Celebration

ACFIL’s 3n1 Celebration
by: sallybajadecuballes

On May 12, 2013, Associazione Culturale Filippina del Piemonte (ACFIL) will hold its 3n1 celebration at Sala ATC Corso Dante 14 from 1:30pm onward. It will be a day to commemorate its 17th foundation day and the 10th anniversary of its newsletter ―Ang Tambuli.

ACFIL’s Ang Tambuli March 2013 Newsletter

Ang Tambuli- is the official  Newsletter of ACFIL,  started  last 2002 up to the present to form and inform the Filipinos in the region regarding the political, social & migration issues especially to those who have the difficulty in comprehending the Italian language. This was financed by the Provincia di Torino for two years and the last 6 years, ACFIL continued the action independently due to the strong demand of the community taking out also the logo of the Provincia di Torino.

Get a copy of the March 2013  issue of  Ang Tambuli  from this link  ACFIL’s-Ang-Tambuli-March-2013-Newsletter.

Patnubay Online Archives 2011 – 2013

Pinapasalamatan po natin nang lubos ang ating mga volunteers, contributors at authors na nagbigay ng kanilang mga articles ng libre para makapagshare ng information, makapag-empower at  makapagpasaya sa ating mga readers. Maraming salamat po sa mga sumusunod; dahil sa inyo naging successful tayo sa loob ng dalawang taon.

PEBA Awards 2012: Blog Entry Finalists

OFW and Supporters Blog Entry Finalists
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The 5th Annual International PEBA Blog and Photo Awards will be held at the Ramon Magsaysay Hall, SSS Corporate Center, East Avenue Quezon on the 15th of December, Saturday, from 2-6PM.

2012 Theme:  “The Social Media and I: Bridging the Past, Present and Future.”

Please click the screenshots to view their entries

Halloween and All Souls Day in the U.S.

Daisy Sanchez, third from left, is surrounded by admirers after winning the DARE TO BARE 2012 title in Maria Amor’s yearly Halloween event held at the Phoenicia Restaurant in Glendale. Traditionally intended for trick-or-treating kids, Halloween has since evolved into an $8-billion business that some 170 million Americans indulged with revelry today. Photo by Dionesio. Grava.

Halloween and All Souls Day in the U.S.
by: Lilia Rabe Grava

Halloween is supposed to be kid stuff, a season for tiny ghouls and myriad other costumed characters in teen parties or gathering sweets in the neighborhood. Some houses transform their front spaces into instant cemeteries and horror houses for business abound. Corporate America being what it is, the day has evolved into yet another major excuse for enticing the populace to make a beehive to the malls and specialty stores.

Filipinos are making a difference to Qatari society

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Article by: AILYN AGONIA

DOHA FILIPINO workers make up a large chunk of hospitality and health sectors in Qatar. They abound in hotels, malls and medical institutions — both private and government-owned.  Besides, the Southeast Asian community has carved a niche in Qatar’s local

Featured Photo: Tayo ba ay ganap ng malaya?

Tayo ba ay ganap ng malaya?

Hindi po lahat ng OFW ay pinalad dito sa ibang bansa.

Nakakalungkot isipin at pinagmalupitan sila ng tadhana.

Mga kaawa-awang mga kababayan na pinagtabuyan ng mga pulis sa kanilang make-shift shelter- sa ilalim ng tulay ng khandarah at tanging bandila ng pilipinas ay syang nagsilbing pag-asa na sila ay makakalaya na sa kanilang kalagayan.  For those fortunate ones – count your blessings!

Photo Gallery: Santacruzan in Bologna

Santacruzan in Bologna
May 27, 2012
Photos by: ALAB – Bologna


  • Denise Ahumada as Reyna Divina Pastora
  • Sandra Bote as Reyna Mystica
  • Sherine Roque as Reyna de las Estrellas

May Day in Los Angeles

Make Love not War

Words and photos by Dionesio C. Grava
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I recall a time when immigrant and labor-rights marchers were so numerous that the main city streets got clogged up and traffic gone bad almost the whole day. May Day 2012 was a shadow of marches

Feature Story: Timothy Cortez Ignacio

Timothy Ignacio (born December 16, 1982)  is a Portrait Photographer  known for creating desaturated colour photographs of people from all walks of life. He learned to mix music and photography to create a perfect and interesting art.

Timothy was born in Sta. Cruz, Laguna, the first