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Italy: Search for Little Mr. & Ms. ACFIL 2012

Search for Little Mr. & Ms. ACFIL 2012

We are very proud to introduce to you, Kenjivito Francesco Esmundo, 7 year old son of Vivien Estrella. He is one of the candidates for Little Mr. Acfil 2012. He was not featured in the previous issue of ― Ang Tambuli that‘s why we are presenting him to all of you.


Mga minamahal na kababayan at kaibigan sa Patnubay Online,

My association, the Filipino Women’s Council is happy to share with you the results of our most recent study in Italy. We hope that this could raise more awareness on migration, remittances and borrowing; and open the debate publicly, and that those who are at stake (migrants, families, communities, the Philippine government and destination countries, migrant associations and civil society organizations will do something to address the issue. This is a long-standing and growing concern. –  Charito Basa

Halloween and All Souls Day in the U.S.

Daisy Sanchez, third from left, is surrounded by admirers after winning the DARE TO BARE 2012 title in Maria Amor’s yearly Halloween event held at the Phoenicia Restaurant in Glendale. Traditionally intended for trick-or-treating kids, Halloween has since evolved into an $8-billion business that some 170 million Americans indulged with revelry today. Photo by Dionesio. Grava.

Halloween and All Souls Day in the U.S.
by: Lilia Rabe Grava

Halloween is supposed to be kid stuff, a season for tiny ghouls and myriad other costumed characters in teen parties or gathering sweets in the neighborhood. Some houses transform their front spaces into instant cemeteries and horror houses for business abound. Corporate America being what it is, the day has evolved into yet another major excuse for enticing the populace to make a beehive to the malls and specialty stores.

USA: FilAms celebrate heritage

FilAms celebrate heritage
Words and photos by Dionesio C. Grava
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This time of year is Filipino American History Month. Expect a number of activities celebrating “425 years of heritage and culture of Filipino Americans and their achievements, contributions, and the historical presence of Filipinos in the United States Filipino.”

Italy: Farming in ACFIL’s Garden

by: Nerissa Antaran Tejada

Green thumbs touched Acfil’s Garden this year bringing it to full-bloom! Vegetables like ―ampalaya, upo, eggplant, okra, camote tops, saluyot, sili, tomatoes and kangkong filled the garden making it not just pleasing to the eyes but also gave an impression of a delicious meal at table. Filipino famous cuisine like ―pinakbet, tortang talong, diningding, ampalaya na may itlog,bulanglang atbp. were enjoyed by many last summer.

ACFIL’s Ang Tambuli September 2012 Newsletter

Ang Tambuli – is the official  Newsletter of ACFIL,  started  last 2002 up to the present to form and inform the Filipinos in the region regarding the political, social & migration issues especially to those who have the difficulty in comprehending the Italian language. This was financed by the Provincia di Torino for two years and the last 6 years, ACFIL continued the action independently due to the strong demand of the community taking out also the logo of the Provincia di Torino.

Get a copy of the September 2012  issue of  Ang Tambuli  from this link  ACFIL-s-Ang-Tambuli-July-2012-Newsletter.

USA: Historic Filipinotown turns 10

Words and photos by Dionesio C. Grava
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LOS ANGELES — Saturday, August 4, marked the 10th anniversary of the designation of Historic Filipinotown (HIFI) in Los Angeles. Celebrations kicked off with the 7:30 am sixth annual HIFI Festival and 5k Run/Walk overseen by the Historic Filipinotown Neighborhood Council (HIFINC).

USA: ABS CBN Says Goodbye to Umayam’s 100 Outstanding Fil-Ams Awards


By Rene Villaroman
Managing Editor

LOS ANGELES – In a last minute bid to save itself from a looming scandal, the ABS CBN Foundation, through its President, Robbie Fabian, has announced the foundation is pulling out from the ‘100 Outstanding Filipino American of the United States Awards, after Ms. Darna Umayam, President of the sponsoring Philippine Children’s Charities, Inc., made an anti Semitic slur against’s Senior Columnist Joel Bander.

USA: A historic first Fil-Am performers to shine at Hollywood Bowl

By Dionesio C. Grava
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The cream of Filipino American entertainment will descend on world-renowned Hollywood Bowl with an all night celebration of Filipino music, art and culture on July 8.

Filipino maid takes fight for permanent residency to Hong Kong’s top court

Hong Kong: foreign residents other than domestic workers can apply for permanent residency after seven years. Photograph: Jerome Favre/EPA

Evangeline Banao Vallejos wins right to appeal against ruling upholding denial of residency to foreign domestic workers

Associated Press in Hong Kong

A Filipino domestic worker has won permission to take her fight for permanent residency in Hong Kong to its top court,

Ople Center’s appeal: “Save euro-zone, but save Consulate in Spain too!”

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Blas F. Ople Policy Center
June 28, 2012

NGO’s appeal: “Save euro-zone, but save Consulate in Spain as well”

USA: Santacruzan, a yearly observance at LA cathedral

Words and photos by Dionesio C. Grava
First posted :

The Philippine tradition of Santacruzan has since become a yearly observance at the Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels located near the junction of Freeways 101 and 110 in Los Angeles. The one held morning of May 12 was its eighth under the auspices of the Filipino Ministry of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

The event supposedly commemorates the search of the Holy Cross by Queen Helena and her son, Constantine. They are being accompanied by others representing various personages in the bible and history. The finding of the cross was a

Photo Gallery: Santacruzan in Bologna

Santacruzan in Bologna
May 27, 2012
Photos by: ALAB – Bologna


  • Denise Ahumada as Reyna Divina Pastora
  • Sandra Bote as Reyna Mystica
  • Sherine Roque as Reyna de las Estrellas

Italia: Karera ng mga recycled boats sa Recyclable Regatta


Rome, Mayo 12, 2012 – Isang dosenang mga bangka gawa sa mga recycled plastic bottles, mga lata at iba pang materyales ang nagkarera sa Subic bay noong nakaraang linggo para sa garbage boat race.

USA: The changing face of registered California voters

Words and photography by:
Dionesio C. Grava

A recent poll has indicated that during the past 12 years the white non-Hispanic face of registered voters in California has been taken over by mostly Latino and Asian voters.

Mark DiCamillo, director of the Field Poll, said that during that period the state’s voter rolls have increased by over 1.3 million, all of it coming from the perstate’s ethnic voter populations. The proportion of California’s registered voters who are Latino increased from 16 percent to 22 percent.

USA: A close look at California’s election process

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Words and photos by Dionesio C. Grava

Elections in our part of town is kind of ho-hum. Kababayans, even if they were political animals back in the homeland, are usually not too engrossed in politics upon taking residence in the US. It could be because of preoccupations with the more urgent requirements of eking a living or that the game is played differently here.

One thing that may appear strange to newcomers is that candidates for elective positions in this country usually depend much on financial support