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Tagumpay na nakamit ang Karapatan ng Pamilya ni OFW I.L. (Road Traffic Accident Victim – Jubail – KSA 2012)

Tagumpay na nakamit ang Karapatan ng Pamilya ni OFW I.L. (Road Traffic Accident Victim – Jubail – KSA 2012)
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2014-10-19 1:01 GMT+03:00 R. L.:

yes sir gagawin ko po yan

On Saturday, October 18, 2014 3:23 PM, Joseph Henry Espiritu wrote:

walang anuman R.L.. hindi namin kailangan yan . ang hilingin naming sayo ay kung sakali may time na may lalapit sa inyo na need ng help. kahit sino basta alam nyo na dapat tulongan ay tulongan nyo na walang hihinging kapalit. ingat kayo lagi.

please stay sa patnubay. and if mayroong dapat mga ishare. i share nyo. Wala tayong ibang hangad kundi maipasatama ang maling Sistema at maipagbago ang dapat baguhin.

yan lang ang naman ang pinagtatampo ko sa napakaraming tulongan, ilang libo yan.. Noong kailangan pa nila ng tulong, aba ang daming pangako kailangang maging patnubay din. At dapat ipaglaban ang karapatan ng mga ofws. Pero ngayon di na sila makikita.. kahit

Asia’s basic freedoms fall short of international standards

Asia’s basic freedoms fall short of international standards
by: Renato Mabunga, Manila
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September 8, 2014

Too many restrictions and not enough promotion of rights

There is a general lacuna in legal and institutional protection for freedom of assembly and expression in many Asian countries.

Most Asian countries emphasize restrictions rather than the promotion of freedoms.

Forum Asia, a regional human rights organization based Bangkok, found that Maldives, for instance, defines “assembly” as a gathering of two or more people expressing opinion or dissent.

Mensahe Para sa mga Tunay na Malaya

Ang mensaheng ito ay para lamang sa mga may malayang isipan.

Malayo ang mararating kung magkakasama ang mga may malayang isipan.

Hindi nasusukat ang kabayanihan sa paramihan ng kakilala o tagahanga. Napakadali lamang magyabang at gumawa ng kwento para ikaw ay kahangaan.

Hindi rin ito nasusukat sa mga tropeo o plake kung saan ang kabayanihan ay ginawa nang paligsahan.

Hindi natin kailangan ng tagahanga. Ang kailangan natin ay mga tagasunod sa ating mga aral.

DOLE Sec Baldoz, Bobo na, Wala pang puso, Utak politiko pa

Baldoz The Godmother - Protektor ng mga Abusadong POLO Officials

DOLE Sec Baldoz, Bobo na, Wala pang puso, Utak politiko pa (ang protektor ng mga abusadong POLO Officials)

Desperado na masyado si DOLE Secretary Baldoz na maitatago ang kanyang kapalpakan, pagkabobo at pagkawalang puso, at gumagawa na ng estilong politiko para matatabunan ang mga kapalpakan ng kanyang tanggapan at ng kanyang mga tauhan sa POLO. Kahapon, nagpa-press release si Sec Baldoz at Labor Attaché Padaen at inangkin ang credit ng pagkapanalo ng isang OFW na lumalaban sa kanyang karapatan.

Narito ang Press Release sa TV5 at ABS-CBN na magkapareho ang laman.


Akala siguro ni Baldoz na sa pamamagitan ng pagbabalita ay makakalimutan ng mga OFW ang pagkait nya ng katarungan sa mga kapwa OFW na nagreklamo laban kay Musa at Villafuerte na mga manyakis nyang mga tauhan.Akala siguro ni Baldoz na sa pamagitan ng pagpress release nila ay matatabunan ang katotohanan tungkol sa pagkaabusado ng kanyang mga tauhan dito katulad nina Padaen, Madrid at Garduce na ang alam lamang ay ang pangharass sa mga ofws na pumupunta sa kanilang opisina at ang pagpapakulong ng OFW dahil kinampihan ng POLO ang abusadong employer.



It is disquieting to note that Mar Roxas gets a slapping from Wack Wack Golf and Country Club for his misbehavior when asked to pay the green fee which is required among all club members.

It is not his suspension that deserves utmost attention, but what matters most is his uncontrolled emotion to be easily irritated when confronted by situation that would put him at par with other members of the club.

HAGIT: Ang “Bayani” at “Lingkod-Kapwa” ay mga Banal na Salita

HAGIT: Ang “Bayani” at “Lingkod-Kapwa” ay mga Banal na Salita

Maimulat natin ang ating mga kababayan na ang salitang bayani at lingkod-kapwa ay sagrado.. hindi ito nakukuha sa paligsahan, nomination, internet voting or text voting. Ang pagiging bayani ay hindi nakakamit sa paramihan, sa kasikatan.

Magtulongan tayo na maparangalan ang mga tunay na bayani at lingkod-kapwa.. Pero paano?

Sa pamamagitan ng pagbabago ng mga bulok na kaisipan ng lipunan na ang mga katangiang ito ay natatangi sa iilan lamang. Ipapamulat natin sa lipunan na ang ikakisiya ng tunay na bayani at lingkod-bayan ay kung may gagaya at susunod sa kanilang mga ginagawa. Tutularan kung papano sila naglilingkod sa kapuwa at gawing panuntunan kung papano sila nakipaglaban para sa prinsipyo para sa katarungan, karapatan at kagalingan.



Like a bolt of lightning from the clear blue sky, the news broke out wherein the Ombudsman recommended for the indictment of Senators Jinggoy Estrada, Manong Johnny Enrile and Bong “PANDAY” Revilla.

Momentarily, we may heave a sigh of relief just thinking out loud that the wheels of justice move slowly at a snail’s pace. Is this historic? Not too long ago, we witnessed how a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was unseated by the Senate Impeachment court presided over by Manong Johnny Enrile, who is now fighting for his political life.

Cadet Cudia has what it takes to be a loyal, honorable soldier of the people

Cadet Cudia has what it takes to be a loyal, honorable soldier of the people
By Dionesio Grava
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The grossly underhanded manner authorities and the cadet body of the Philippine Military Academy regarding l’affaire Cudia is symptomatic of the arrogance and contempt those in the military hierarchy perceive the civilian populace. Spawned by the unmitigated licentiousness and profligacy of the Marcos dictatorship, many of those in the uniformed services had gone berserk with whatever pretensions of honorable moorings and had turned their greed and cruelty on the unarmed people who were responsible for shouldering their livelihoods and upkeep in the first place. It has been years now since the dictatorship was dealt a death blow by an aroused citizenry but has all its evil vestiges been wiped off as well?

Susan Ople: Art of ‘errorism’

Susan “Toots” Ople is the youngest daughter of the late Foreign Affairs Secretary Blas F. Ople. She has a Sunday column in Manila Bulletin’s Panorama Magazine and Tempo and two public service radio programs, “Bantay OFW” at DZXL RMN 558 every Monday to Friday, 12.30-2 pm and “Global Pinoy” at DWIZ 882 every Saturday from 5.30-6.30 pm.

Art of ‘errorism’
by Susan Ople
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A world-class performer cannot help but wince when someone sings out of tune. Athletes frown at an extra slice of pizza and a chocolate bar that mere mortals devour unburdened by the thought of calorie count and body fat. Writers have their own pet peeves — the dreaded typo errors, letters missing or added, that lead readers astray and authors embarrassed.

On Facebook, a friend of mine wrote about a man who killed his wife because of a dreaded typo. The man’s neighbor and good friend texted him to say: “I am deeply sorry for using your wife without permission. Mine wasn’t available so I had to use yours, but it was only for a brief moment. It won’t happen again.”



True and honest observance of the much-vaunted “Honor Code” will absolve the military institution from any and all allegations of corruption and shenaniganism.

The sad thing is that, charges against recalcitrant military officers and men have remained rampant in our country. We have noted henchmen in the ranks of the military causing the disappearance of media practitioners and read in the papers highly publicized investigation covering the overpriced purchase of military hardware and equipment, not to mention the conviction of a general in the Sandiganbayan.


It is hard to rationalize to seek the true meaning of new year. Oftentimes, we associate it with gifts and lace it with promises and amelioration of sort just to see something new to look forward to.

Contrastingly, the deepest recesses of our heart speak differently. Albeit, not all of us stand together as one under the same equilibrium of ideas but the real meaning of the coming Year of the Horse pales in comparison with the actualities of our existence and the possibilities of the future, too good to be true.

Ikotan sa POLO at POEA

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Vicious Cycle 1 of 3: Ikotan sa POLO

Pumunta kayo sa Esteraha sa Exit 8 at hanapin ang mga kasagutan sa mga katanungan sa baba.

1. Tanungin nyo sila kung kailan sila tumakas

– ang karaniwang sagot nyan ay after april 6, 2013 (take note na yong covered lamang ng amnesty ay yong mga huroob before april 6, 2013)

2.Tanungin mo bakit sila tumakas?

– normal na sagot , contract, sahod, pananakit, iqama and other valid reasons

3. Tanungin mo sila kung sino ang nagpatakas?


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Kapayapaan (Tagalog), Kalinaw (Bisaya), Peace (English), Shalom (Hebrew), Salam (Arabic)…

Kung naiitindihan lang sana ng tao na ang lahat ng paniniwala o relihiyon ay nagtuturo ng kapayapaan, ay wala sanang gulo sa mundo.

Assalamu Alaikum!!! to my Muslim brothers and sisters.

Shalom Aleichem!! if meron mang mga Hudeo dito

Peace be with you!!! to our Christian friends na English.

Ang Kalinaw mag-uban kaninyo!!! sa mga kapatid, kamag-anak at kaibigan ko na Bisaya.

Kapayapaan maging sa iyo!!! sa mga kaibigan nating Tagalog.


by Atty James Lobedica

Dili sa pagkatumba human sa pagkatakilpo ang makapasakit sa kaugalingon nga naglaum, kon dili ang wala pagpakabana ug pagpanumbaling, ang wala pagahin ug kahigayonan nga mubarog pag-usab aron kab-oton ang natakilpo nga paglaum.

Sayri nga ang pagpanginlabot, ang pagpakabana, ang paghupot ug kadasig sa pagpabarog sa tahas, nga may kalabotan sa kinabag-ang kaayohan, magikan sa pluma nga gamhanan, pinaagi sa titik sa pangalan nga mahisulat sa tagsa-tagsa nato nga balota.

Mga politiko, mag-share naman kayo ng inyong PDAF at DAP para sa mga kaso ng OFWs na may private rights

Mga politiko, mag-share naman kayo ng inyong PDAF at DAP para sa mga kaso ng OFWs na may private rights or bloodmoney na kailangang bayaran. Yan na lang ang kulang at makakalaya na sila.

Ang problema sa inyo wala kayong pakialam sa aming mga OFWs. Kung meron man, hanggang magpamedia interview lang.. pang-FAMAS pa ang dating ng pagsolicit ng awa pero hanggang doon lang.


By Atty James Lobedica

Certainly everything is not in our wildest dreams. Neither can we see it in our imagination but things are turning out quite far from the expectation of all taxpayers and unfolding in such unprecedented events under the present dispensation of P-NOY. We cannot remain passive and continue to be submissive to the brewing discussion condemning the abusive utilization of the pork barrel.