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Monthly Archives: May 2012

HAGIT Hero: Fr. Rosaleo Romano, CsSR.

Aside from educating the younger generation about Honesty, Accountability, Good Governance, Integrity and Transparency (HAGIT),  it is also our objective  to give tribute to those who stood up and fought for the HAGIT principles.  Dear readers, we would like to introduce our fifth HAGIT Hero,  Fr. Rosaleo “Rudy” Romano.

Who is Fr. Rosaleo Romano?

Fr. Rosaleo “Rudy” Romano, CsSR. was born on September 26, 1940 in Manila to Gaudencio and Adelaida Romano.

As a child, he was known to be popular among his classmates and was said to be exceptionally honest and hardworking in helping his parents run the family business (a dry goods store). Romano joined the Redemptorist Congregation in 1958 and was ordained a priest in 1964. Over the next decade (1967 – 1976), Fr. Rudy was

Kuwait: No outside work between 11 am to 4 pm starting from June 1st


Kuwait: Ministry of Social affairs and labor is preparing to activate the ministerial decision that specifies the working hours in unsheltered areas during the peak season, local daily reported.

The ministry specifies that the work should stop at 11 am and recommence at 4 pm in all exposed areas beginning form June 1 until the end of August.

Italia: Isang FB profile, nireport sa Embahada


Hindi magandang biro, buhay ng tao at reputasyon ang nakataya.

Rome, Mayo 16, 2012 – Dumulog at nag-apila kamakailan sa Embahada ng Pilipinas sa Roma ang tunay na may account sa social networking site na Facebook upang linawin ang diumano’y paggamit sa kanyang pangalan at larawan na nagtataglay ng masasamang komento laban sa mga Igorot sa Baguio City. Inggit o selos ang diumanong hinihinalang

USA: The changing face of registered California voters

Words and photography by:
Dionesio C. Grava

A recent poll has indicated that during the past 12 years the white non-Hispanic face of registered voters in California has been taken over by mostly Latino and Asian voters.

Mark DiCamillo, director of the Field Poll, said that during that period the state’s voter rolls have increased by over 1.3 million, all of it coming from the perstate’s ethnic voter populations. The proportion of California’s registered voters who are Latino increased from 16 percent to 22 percent.

Kuwait to test warning Siren on Tuesday,May 22


Kuwait: The Civil defense general administration will test the warning siren system across the country on next Tuesday, 22nd of May at 10:00 am.

There will be three warning siren tones, the intermittent indicates danger or attack is imminent, continuous ascending and descending means danger or attack is happening, and the continuous single pitch means danger or attack is over.

Case of OFW Alfredo Salmos – Patnubay’s Complete Documentation for sharing.

Hope you will find time to read these articles..  Highly recommended if  you are after for  for truth, fairness and justice

  1. An Open Email to the Philippine Government re: Unfactual Press Release About OFW Alfredo Salmos
  2. Mission Accomplished! Patnubay’s Operation: Help OFW Alfredo Salmos
  3. (Paper Trail) – How Mang Fred Salmos got the clearance for his car
  4. Patnubay’s Detailed Report: Operation Help OFW Alfredo Salmos 

Featured Video: Occupational Injury Case – Cipriano Mindoro (KSA)

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Ople Center: Homecoming for Alfred Salmos set; family conveys thanks to FB users

News Release
Blas F. Ople Policy Center
May 20, 2012

Two years after suffering severe burns due to electrocution, overseas Filipino worker Alfredo Salmos is finally arriving home.

Travel Story: Three days in Hong Kong

With my wife Marilyn (left) and sister-in-law Lericita in an elevator of Dorsett Far East hotel where we stayed.

First posted :

Three days in Hong Kong was not enough to see how people lived there, but our sojourn gave me at least an inkling of how hurried and harried life was for most of the estimated seven million people in the former Crown Colony.

If our tour guides were a gauge, I could feel that they run their lives like they were running business enterprises.

USA: A close look at California’s election process

First posted in
Words and photos by Dionesio C. Grava

Elections in our part of town is kind of ho-hum. Kababayans, even if they were political animals back in the homeland, are usually not too engrossed in politics upon taking residence in the US. It could be because of preoccupations with the more urgent requirements of eking a living or that the game is played differently here.

One thing that may appear strange to newcomers is that candidates for elective positions in this country usually depend much on financial support

Patnubay Leaks: An Open Email to the Philippine Government re: Unfactual Press Release About OFW Alfredo Salmos

This is our response to the unfactual Press Release made by Vice President Jejomar Binay about OFW Alfredo Salmos.

Patnubay is guided by the Principles of HAGIT (Honesty, Accountability, Good Governance, Integrity and Transparency). Thus, it is our obligation to tell the truth. If not now, then WHEN?

Cebuano Short Story: DILI PA ULAHI ANG TANAN

Matag binuhat ning kalibotan, naglatas ug lainlaing dalan sa kinabuhi. Sa atong kaugalingon, nahimutang ang pagpaningkamot ang pagpaninguha ug pagpanlimbasog. Kon unsa ang mahimong sangpotanan ning tanan, andam kita sa pagdawat niini. Taliwala ning bagang dag-om sa unahan, tugotan tang mogitib, molipang ug mosalingsing ang makanunayong paglaum. dili matay-og bisan pa sa pagkusokuso sa bagyo sa mga pagsuway.

Featured Video: One Thursday Afternoon with Ka Arnel Codera

One Thursday Afternoon with Ka Arnel Codera

Italya: Permesso di soggiorno per attesa occupazione, maaari bang i-renew?


Roma, Mayo 7, 2012 – Ang permesso di soggiorno per attesa occupazione o permit to stay para sa nawalan ng trabaho ay hindi maaaring i-renew at sa deadline nito, kung ang imigrante ay hindi makakakuha ng panibagong trabaho at hindi rin mare-renew ang permit to stay para sa subordinate job, ay dapat lisanin ang Italya. Ito ang nilalaman ng kasalukuyang batas at kinumpirma ng ilang beses ng Regional Administrative Court.

USA: PAA, Samahang Pilipino joint gala

Words and photos by Dionesio C. Grava
First posted in:

A celebration and conversations with friendly FilAms

To the uninitiated who thinks that Los Angeles is a vast concrete jungle, a jaunt to some forested areas nearby or through the wide expanse and lush vegetation in some of the city parks and school campuses such as Loyola Marymount, Pepperdine U, Calstate and UCLA, among many, would perhaps set them aright. UCLA particularly, said to be the largest university

‘Diplomacy vs sanctions’ – (the Scarborough Shoal Issue)

Patnubay's Servant Leader Ka Lito Soriano holding two protest banners

By Aurea Calica (The Philippine Star)
Posted May 11, 2012 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines would not be provoked by any action – and would not initiate provocative acts – that might lead to the escalation of tensions between Manila and Beijing, Malacañang said yesterday.