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Monthly Archives: July 2013



The letter of self relinquishment submitted by the 12 collectors of custom is doubtlessly a confirmation of the well-entrenched corruption in the notorious Bureau of Customs which P-INOY wants overhauled. Others may see it as half-baked and insufficient to convincingly dispel doubts of cleansing the graft-ridden office from scalawags, but psychologically and by itself this is good enough to get the ball rolling. It brings back hope to rejuvenate the chorus of public outcry seeking to restore respect, dignity and honor in government service.

HAGIT: Philippine SONA: Rosy portraits even as the inside is hurting

By Dionesio Grava
First posted in
on July 28, 2013

Well-meaning sectors of the Filipino citizenry finally regained their voices and unleashed them accordingly in protest of what has been going on in their country. For a long while they had kept mum in a self-imposed goodwill gesture to allow the popularly elected president to live up to the legacy of his patriot parents. As with majority of their countrymen, they generously gave breathing space for then president-elect Noynoy Aquino to find his footing while in the process of sorting out the sordid mess that previous administrations had left our country and people.

Balak Back2Back: Kagidlay VS Kuyaig

ni James Lobedica

pulong nga magpasabot ug kapit-os,
kakulang sa kahigayonan’g makalampos,
makalingkawas sa kalisod, sa mga ladpos
sa mga pagsuway nga maghaguros…

sa paningkamot, sa mga naningamot,
sa mga nagpasingot, sa mga nagbagotbot
ang kagidlay, magpahipi nga magpaabot
sa kahigayonang, mahutdan ug paningkamot…

Patnubay Leaks: Case of Luga, Jaime and Padua (2008)

L-R: Ronelo Jaime, Redentor Padua and Enrico Luga

Enrico Salgado Luga, Redentor Padua, Ronelo Jaime, Ignacio Holasco Jr., Ben Sangalang, Silbin Pongos were Filipino car designers in Riyadh. They were hired by a Saudi employer to build trucks. They arrived in Saudi Arabia on August 30, 2006 with business visit visas that would expire in 6 months after their arrival in the Kingdom.

These Filipinos were hired as workers and not as businessmen. Their employer promised to change the visit visas to working visas.



Ang pulong aghat, sugo kini sa padasig ug kakugi. Yawe usab kini sa panukiduki.

“Kusoy, gasigi ka man lang gud diha’g ngisi..” mahagiton si Precy nga namulong ngadto ni Kusoy.

“Day Precy, tugoti’ng makapatugkad ko sa akong haligi, ug magpailawom nga magngisi. Timan-i, kini ang mahimo’ng saksi, sa akong paningkamot diha kanimo adlaw ug gabii.” ni Kusoy nga walay kukauwawo’ng nagngisi.


Graphics by: Tas Espiritu

By Dionesio Grava

It is fine that Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago had kept alive the issue of excessive senatorial perks and other abuses these legislators had committed against the taxpayers. It is necessary that all culprits who betray the trust of citizens should be shamed in public. Considering that the hides of our kind of national leaders have grown too thick to be adversely affected by the usual brand of criticisms, the issue should be fanned continuously if only to prompt outrage on everyone who has the best interest of the country and countrymen in mind.

Featured Tula: Linangin ang Kaisipan kabayan and Buhay Gitnang Silangan

Otiga Boyz

“linangin ang kaisipan kabayan”
By: Florante Dag-on (with Otiga Boyz)

sa buhay kailangang masaktan,
para matutong lumaban,madapa ka man
kailangang bumangon,mga bagay na
kailangang matutunan lalo na dito sa
gitnang silangan, lahat ng bagay dapat
isa alang 2x,di biro ang pagkaitan ng karapatan
lalo’t wala kang sasandalan kung sino lalapitan

dapat kang makialam,linangin ang kaisipan
wag hayaang lamunin ng nakaugalian,
sapagkat hindi tayu sunud sunuran,
ng ibang dayuhan,tumindig ka kabayan

Featured Balak: BUGNO ug IKOG


buhat nga magbarog sa kahimsog,
makapabathay sa ugat, makapatandog
may mabuntog, may makadaug,

may dali’ng makapabarog,
may hunahuna lang ang matandog,
may mokupokupo, may malup-og,

may maghatod ug kalaay
sa bugno, dali rang mosapinday
pulong ug palusot lang diay

The SONA that workers wish for – Atty JBJ

Source: DIRECT FROM THE LABOR FRONT By Atty Josephus Jimenez

My countrymen, the state of the nation is both the best and the worst. The economy is in good shape but the people are suffering. The upward trend of economic growth is unprecedented. But this growth is not inclusive. Only the taipans, the moguls and the oligarchs are enjoying the fruits of economic development. The poor have no food, no decent homes, no hope for better days. The business sectors continue to reap the fruits of the positive financial development but the streets are full of beggars. Millions wallow in abject poverty, people are suffering in hunger and are existing in dirty, unhealthy squatter colonies. The large majority of our people have no hopes for a better tomorrow.

Balak Back2Back: Kamatuoran VS Bakak

ni Atty James Lobedica

pulong nga magdala ug panag-ingnan,
litokon sa buhat nga sulundon sa tanan,
han-ukanan sa tukma nga kasayuran,
ladlaran ug ayagan sa mga hisgotanan,
ehemplo’ng ikapakita sa tanan…

may mag-ukon ukon, mura’g masud-ipan
mohangad, moduko, daw dili mahimutang

Pinay injured after being dragged down stairs by Kuwaiti police

Pinay injured after being dragged down stairs by Kuwaiti police
By Maxxy Santiago, ABS-CBN Middle East News Bureau
Posted at 07/12/2013 6:18 PM | Updated as of 07/12/2013 6:18 PM

KUWAIT – A Filipina fitness instructor suffered two broken hands and a busted knee, after being dragged down the stairs by a Kuwaiti policeman inside the office of the Kuwait municipality.

Jenny, not her real name, said she went to the said office on July 7 with her co-workers to renew their health cards. Their company’s liaison officer or “mandoub” was also there to help facilitate their papers, but Jenny and the officer started arguing.



Ang pulong huot talan-awon sa butang nga manghugot. Pahuot, buhat kini nga makatagamtam ug huot. Sukwahi sa talan-awong luag, tugalhab ug magbuka kon dili na huot.

“Manoy, unsa may imong gibati. Sigurado ka? Ato ning ipadayon?” sukna ni Dahlia.

“Day, ganina ra kong nagtan-aw nimo. Nanghugot man gud ang akong gibati. Naglain ang akong lawas. Sa akong paminaw misaka akong kabuhi padulong sa pabawnan. Pero, karon nga nakaduol nako nimo mura’g naalim na man pud.” sa hilom si Noy Pakits, nalingaw.

Kuwait: Embassy Details Repatriation Procedures For ‘Illegal’ OFWs

Image courtesy of Mike Non - PEBA/GOV Admin Group

Rumours Of Jail For Undocumented Filipinos in Kuwait Denied
By Michelle Fe Santiago
Arab Times Staff

KUWAIT CITY, July 2: The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait issued on Tuesday an advisory on the normal procedure of returning to the Philippines via the Kuwait Immigration for undocumented or overstaying Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). The advisory outlining 10 steps came out after some OFWs complained why they have to be endorsed to the Kuwait Immigration authorities despite having a duly processed travel document.

Philippine Charge d’ Affaires Raul Dado brushed off talks circulating on the social networking site Facebook that the Embassy is sending undocumented OFWs to jail. He outlined that they have to understand the procedure and the important thing is to follow the law of the host country. “If we break it, we need to follow the normal procedure of going back to the Philippines. The embassy does not cause deportation. It is the normal procedure in any country like the US or Canada. The embassy helps and gives travel documents for this.

Ople Center’s press release on Saudi King’s intervention re crackdown

NGO welcomes Saudi King’s intervention to suspend crackdown; calls on PH gov’t to augment embassy personnel and resources for Saudi Arabia

The Blas F. Ople Policy Center, a non-government organization that assists distressed overseas Filipino workers, lauded the decision of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to order the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Labor to stop the crackdown on foreign workers without proper work documents for three months, to enable these workers to correct their status.

The announcement was made through the Saudi Press Agency, and was quickly shared by grateful Filipino workers in Saudi Arabia through their respective Facebook accounts.



Now that the fanfare surrounding the oathtaking ceremonies of our newly-elected officials is over, the time to grapple with reality has come. As leaders, as public servants and as paragon of the people’s voice, all these salient features of our elected officials being rolled into one are not as easy a task if they are not destined for the job.

Pasasalamat at Papuri

Pasasalamat at Papuri

Unang-una ang Papuri at Pasasalamat sa Nag-iisang Tagapaglikha!

Papuri at Pasasalamat sa lahat ng mga OFWs na nandito, lalo na sa mga kababayan natin na nagsipag-ayos ng kanilang mga papel para sa pagexit o pagtransfer ng employer .

Ngayon lang po kami nagkaroon ng pagkakataon na sabay-sabay namin kayong nakausap. Sa mahigit dalawang buwan, araw at gabi, maging sa madaling araw ay nakakusap namin kayo. Sa kaunting payo ay napakadali ninyong makaintindi at sumunod sa mga proseso na