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By Prof. Henry Francis Espiritu

Is the People’s Republic of China still a socialist State? I dare say: NOT ANYMORE! The undeniable fact is this: China is steadily becoming not just only rabidly capitalistic in its approach to its own political economy, but the present Chinese government likewise behaved itself as another rogue imperialist state in its territorial conflicts with Japan, the Philippines and yes, even in its conflict with another socialist state, Vietnam! China is a revisionist State and I hope that we must not drag the name of Marx or of Marxist socialism when we blame this present Chinese imperialistic ambition and aggressive bullying in the South China Sea or in the West Philippine Sea. China committed not just covert but overt aggression against another socialist state, Vietnam: in this case, can you still call China a socialist state when Marx taught that all socialist states must stand in solidarity with other socialist countries to fight capitalism, hegemony, and imperialism? The late Chinese Prime Minister Deng Xiao Ping, in his speech to the UN General Assembly in 1974 is indeed very prophetic when we see now how China behaves itself in the midst of these territorial disputes, we must therefore heed well to his words. Deng Xiao Ping declared in 1974: “China is not a superpower, nor will she ever seek to be one… If one day China should change her color and turn into a superpower, if she too should play the tyrant in the world, and everywhere subject others to her bullying, aggression and exploitation, the people of the world should identify her as capitalist and imperialist, expose it, oppose it and work together with the peoples of the world to overthrow it.” (For his full speech see: Speech of Deng Xiao Ping 4/10/74.)

The extent of the arrogance and the misplaced bravado of China’s interference and bullying of ASEAN countries like the Philippines and Vietnam in the midst of these states’ respective claims of ownership to the South China Sea/West Philippine Sea territories show all the more clearly to us that the present leadership of the People’s Republic of China has become more and more imperialistic even as their economy has become more and more exploitative against Chinese workers much like that of what happens in global capitalism! Deng Xiao Ping’s statement made in 1974 illustrates clearly that China is now becoming farther and farther away from Marxist proletarian principles; and in fact China is now steering its foreign policy towards an imperialistic hegemonization of East and Southeast Asia! Let it be said that China’s present external imperialistic ambition in Southeast Asia coupled with its adherence to an oppressive capitalism in its internal economy are against the very liberative principles of Marxism. So please, please, do not blame Marx and Marxism for the revisionist aberration of China! If Marx is alive today, I bet he would vehemently attack and castigate this shameless Chinese revisionism. Let it be known that genuine Marxism is very clear: it unconditionally sides with the struggles of oppressed proletarians and is equally against any forms of imperialism (even those imperialisms of professing socialist countries such as China). I hope people will stop blaming Marx and Marxist socialism for this Chinese revisionist and bizarre imperialist aberration. It is certainly neither Marxist nor socialist. In fact, as the late Chinese Prime Minister Deng Xiao Ping declared in his UN speech in 1974, true Marxist advocates for liberation must actively work together in fighting against any forms of imperialism be it from the West or from this present rogue and bully Chinese state!
(Written by: Prof. Henry Francis B. Espiritu on May 18, 2014 at 8:13 PM.)