Kuwait: Filipina denies ‘love-triangle’ in murder of Filipino engineer

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By: Michelle Fe Santiago
First posted in arabtimesonline.com
June 24, 2014

Filipina denies ‘love-triangle’ in murder of Filipino engineer ‘He was like brother, I worked for him for cash’

KUWAIT CITY, June 24: The Filipina woman who was at the centre of the murder of a Filipino engineer who was allegedly stabbed to death by his Filipino housemate, apparently out of jealousy, vehemently denied reports that came out in the local dailies and social networking site Facebook that she had an affair with the victim. “It’s not true. We had no relationship. I was just working part time for him, washing his clothes and cooking for him and I get paid monthly,” disclosed Xylene, not her real name. Xylene who sustained a stab wound on her right shoulder during the incident on June 17 midnight is still in trauma after witnessing the stabbing incident inside their flat. Xylene is separated with three kids in the Philippines.

The Philippine Embassy identified the victim as Nilo Macaranas, 50, married with children and a native of Iligan City. He was employed as a safety engineer in one of the contracting companies in Kuwait. The suspect was identified as Elpidio Lano, married and also with children. He was living with Xylene and Macaranas in the same flat when the incident happened. According to the flat holder Glenda, (not her real name) Lano and Xylene had a fight on the night of June 17. “I arrived at home from work around 10:15. I had my dinner then slept at around 10:45. I was awakened by the scream of Xylene asking for help. She was calling my name.

I went to their room and knocked on their door. When they opened the door, I saw Xylene with a bruise on her face and so with Edwin (Lano’s nickname). I took Xylene to the kitchen where we talked,” recounted Glenda. Xylene told the Arab Times that she wanted to break up with Lano that night after finding out that he has another girlfriend. “We fought because I was able to talk to his new girlfriend. He has told her things about me. So I wanted to break up with him. I told him, I have no problem with that if they want to be together,” stated Xylene. While Glenda and Xylene were in the kitchen, Macaranas came from work after 11pm and Xylene asked Macaranas for some ice for her bruises. He brought some ice to Xylene and about five minutes after, Lano came out of his room and confronted Macaranas. “Edwin asked Nilo why are you sending text messages to Xylene? Why is she washing your clothes? Then Nilo replied, I’m just helping her, I’m paying her KD30 every month then he went back to his room but before he could go back to his room, Edwin went to the kitchen and got a knife. So I ran out of the flat to ask help from the harris (building caretaker),” stated Glenda.

Xylene who remained in the flat saw Lano attacking Macaranas before the victim could enter his room. “I saw him stabbing Kuya Nilo several times. I tried to pacify them and help but Edwin also stabbed me so I ran to the room for safety. I saw everything,” sobbed Xylene. When Glenda arrived with the harris, they saw Macaranas on the floor in a pool of blood. Xylene vehemently denied the allegation that she had a relationship with Macaranas who she described as more like a big brother to her. “He’s sending me text messages because both of us are into this multi-level marketing business which most Filipinos are doing to earn extra,” she explained.

Lano was arrested by the police and is currently detained for investigation by the Ahmadi Prosecutor’s office. Meanwhile, the Philippine Embassy assured that it will provide assistance to all parties involved – the suspect, the victim and Xylene.
By: Michelle Fe Santiago Arab Times Staff

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