Pinay Pinugutan Sa Hafr Al Batn, Saudi Arabia noong Martes, January 29, 2019.

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Google Translation of Press Release in Arabic: (note: google translation is not perfect)

Dammam, 23 Jumada I 1440H corresponding to 29 January 2019
Saudi Press Agency

The Ministry of the Interior issued a statement on the implementation of the death sentence ended one of the women in the province of Hafr al-Batin, as follows:

Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): “But the reward of those who fight Allah and His Messenger, and seek in the earth corruption, to be killed or crucified, or cut off their hands and feet from disagreement, or to deny the land.

Roselia Bacona Agamole, A Filipina nationality on the killing of Humaid bin Turki bin Hafez al-Fadhli, a Saudi citizen, stabbed him on the bed with a knife in his face, which led to his death and attempted to kill one of his daughters during her sleep with several stabs with a knife and hit her with a hammer in her face and head which led to her injury and suicide Causing her injury.

Thanks to Allah, the security authorities managed to arrest the offender and the investigation resulted in her being charged with her crime and transferred to the General Court. She was given a legal instrument to establish her death sentence and sentenced her to death. He supported the ruling from the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, A royal order was issued to enforce what was legitimately decided and supported by its reference to the offender.

The execution sentence was enforced / Rousselia Bacona Agamole – Filipino nationality – on Tuesday, 23/5/1440 H, in the province of Hafr al-Batin in the Eastern Province.

The Ministry of the Interior, as it announces this, affirms the keenness of the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to maintain security, achieve justice and implement the provisions of God in all those who violate the safe and shed their blood and at the same time warn those who wish to do so. His fate.

And God is Al Hadi to both ways.

// end //

Source: Saudi Press Agency – the official news agency of Saudi Arabia.
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