Mga Illegal Recruiters ng Domestic Workers sa Jordan Dapat Tugisin – Ahmad Al-Faouri

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Mga Illegal Recruiters ng Domestic Workers sa Jordan Dapat Tugisin – Ahmad Al-Faouri

Hiniling ni Ahmad Al-Faouri sa kanyang pakipagpulong kay Jordan Minister of Labor Nazal Al-Balayneh noong buwan ng Hunyo, na dapat tugisin ang mga illegal recruiters ng mga (Non-Jordanian) domestic workers.

Si Ahmad Al-Faouri ay isang kilalang negosyante at pinuno ng Samahan ng mga May-ari ng Recruitment Agencies for Non-Jordanian Domestic Workers.

Ayon kay Al-Faouri, siya ay nakiusap sa Ministry of Labor na dapat usigin ang mga walang lisensya na recruitment agencies na illegal na nagpupuslit at nagbebenta ng mga domestic workers sa mga bahay-bahay.

Sinabi niya na ang karamihan sa mga domestic workers na may problema ay nagmula sa mga hindi lisensyadong recruitment offices.

Dagdag pa ni Al-Faouri, ang mga hindi lisensyadong recuitment agencies ay ang nang-harass at nananakot ng workers, walang maayos na accommodation at gumamit ng social media sa kanilang illegal na bentahan ng mga domestic workers.

Inilarawan ni Al-Faouri ang mga may-ari ng mga hindi lisensyadong recruitment agencies bilang human trafficking mafia, na responsable sa higit sa 70% ng mga kaso ng mga domestic workers.

Ipinahayag ni Al-Faouri ang kahandaan ng kanilang Samahan ng mga legit Recruitment Agencies sa pagsuporta sa Minister of Labor upang sugpoin ang mga illegal na recruitment agencies na nagdulot ng pang-aabuso sa karapatang pantao na nakakasira sa imahe ng kanilang bansa.


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Demands to pursue unauthorized offices for “domestic workers”
July 7, 2019

Al-Anbat – Amman The Captain owners of offices and recruitment of domestic non-Jordanian workers, Mr. Ahmed Al-Faouri, demanded the Ministry of Labor and the security services the implementation of joint security campaigns with the union to prosecute unlicensed office owners who are working to smuggle domestic workers into homes.

He said in a statement issued by the union, that most of the violations of workers against domestic workers caused by the owners of unlicensed offices, as they deal with fugitive domestic workers, and have no documents in the Directorate of employees in the ministry and in various government institutions.

Al-Faouri said that owners of unlicensed offices harass domestic workers, provide them with unhealthy housing, and use social networking sites to advertise day-to-day domestic workers.
Al-Faouri described the owners of unlicensed offices as human trafficking mafia, who are responsible for more than 70% of cases of fugitives domestic workers, pointing out that they have fugitive domestic workers used in the smuggling of other workers.

Al-Faouri stressed the readiness of his union to provide the Ministry of Labor and the security services concerned with a number of owners of these unlicensed offices and criminal activities they commit that harm the reputation of Jordan in human rights.

Translated by: Yasmeen AbuBaker

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The head of the Owners of Recruitment Agencies puts four cases on the table of the Minister of Labor

May 26, 2019

Ahmed Al-Faouri, the head of the Office of the Owners of Recruitment Agencies for Non Jordanian Domestic Workers, revealed a meeting between him and Labor Minister Nazal Al-Balayne to discuss the Union’s demands regarding the sector of bringing domestic workers and related procedures

Al-Faouri told Al-Akbar that the demands related to canceling the fees of 100 dinars of worker delay and inability to come to the Kingdom, reducing work permit fees and their equivalent with work permits in other sectors to simplify recruitment procedures

Al-Faouri pointed out that the union notices a delay in the completion of transactions where each transaction needs from one week to 10 days to complete.

He called on the Ministry of Health to take appropriate measures to address the delay of the results of medical examination which became less than 8 – 10 days after it became electronically at a cost of 85 dinar, although when he worked manually was issued a maximum of 3 days and cost 35 dinars, he said

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