Nagviral na Kasambahay, Nargelene Mendez, nakuha na ng POLO at Konsulada ng Jeddah

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– The Philippine Consulate in Jeddah and POLO Jeddah deserve our appreciation for the successful rescue of OFW Mendez..

All thanks and praises to the Almighty..

On Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 12:10 PM, Jun Rasul wrote:

Assalamualaykum Bro.

Nargelene Mendez has just been rescued by the joint ANS-POLO Jeddah Team and is now on the way back to Jeddah. It took the team 2 straight days to negotiate with the Police Station. Also, Nargelene’s agency is based in Riyadh.

We will get more details from Nargelene as soon as she arrives at our BK Jeddah.

Salam and regards bro.
Labatt Jun


2014-10-30 23:30 GMT+03:00 Leo Tito Jr Ausan

Dear Joseph,

Initially, may I share with you that 2 days ago I have dispatched a team to Abha to locate and extricate Nargelene (the girl in the video who slept in a kitchen cabinet). We have succeeded in doing so today. She will be taken to Jeddah by our team tomorrow. It was quite a tough task for team but they have succeeded. We are still finding ways to extract the others. All for now.

Congen Leo

Ang pasasalamat ng pamilya

Shiela Mendez
10/31/14, 6:42 AM

Shiela Mendez

Marmi po slmat s pagkakakuha nyo s hipag q ng ligtas,,sna matulungan dn ung mga naiwan dun,,,slmat po at god bless u all

10/31/14, 9:11 AM

Patnubay Online

we must thank our consulate and POLO  in Jeddah

10/31/14, 11:01 AM

Shiela Mendez

Pkiabot nlng po ng aming psslmat at nkuha ng ligtas ang aking hipag,,

From Bro Andy Relox

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