Pinoy arestado sa Riyadh dahil sa Human Trafficking

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Isang Pinoy inaresto ng mga pulis sa Riyadh dahil sa pagpapatakas, pagkanlong ng mga kasambahay at pagbebenta sa kanila sa ibang mga amo

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Filipino caught in human trafficking cases in Riyadh
May 25, 2017 – 29 Shaaban 1438, 10:11 AM

Abdullah Barqawi – Riyadh

Riyadh police have arrested a Filipino resident involved in human trafficking cases by helping maids escape their sponsors’ homes and then employ them on a day-to-day and month-long basis.

In particular, the media spokesman for the Riyadh police said that in light of the security efforts exerted to arrest those involved in human trafficking cases, a number of reports of absenteeism and escape of a number of domestic workers of different nationalities were detected at a number of police stations in the region. By analyzing the available information and taking a number of measures, it confirmed the relevance of a Filipino expatriate to some of these communications.

Thanks to God’s efforts, he was caught in an ambush and two migrants who had been reported to have been “ domestic workers ” were reported to have been absent.He admitted to helping them escape from the homes of their sponsors, and then operating them on an irregular basis with hours, day and month.

The media spokesman explained that he was stopped at the competent police station, the workers were placed in the maid care center of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, and notified the branch of the Investigation Authority in the region to apply the anti-trafficking and residency laws against them all, according to the jurisdiction.

The Riyadh Region Police said that, in announcing this, it urges the public not to deal with violators of the residency and work systems, which exposes them to the penalty and the financial fine provided for by the system, in addition to the fact that some of them are wanted for criminal cases. For all those who violate the regulations of residence and work or through the application of all security, and contribute to the success of the campaign launched by the Ministry of Interior “home without violation.”

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