Sa mga OFW couples sa Saudi na may bagong baby, pwede nang i-apply as new dependent si baby sa Absher

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Sa mga OFW couples na may bagong baby, inanunsyo ng General Directorate of Passports (AL Jawazat) at ng Saudi Press Agency (SPA) na pwede nang mag-apply ng new dependent via Add a Baby service ng Absher. Heto ang mga steps

1. Mag login sa Absher.
2. I-click ang Electronic Services.
3. Sa My Services, i-click ang Services.
4. I-click ang General Services.
5. I-click ang Messages and Documents at dadalhin kayo sa page katulad ng screenshot sa baba.

6. sa To scrolldown menu, piliin ang General Directorate of Passports.
7. sa Service Name menu piliin ang “إضافة مولود” (add a baby) o yong nasa pinakamababa sa scrolldown menu.
8. I-type ang subject (example New baby Juanito dela Cruz).
9. I-type ang Message / Documents hindi lalagpas ng 1024 character.
10. May Arabic Instruction na nakasulat sa baba ng Maximum 1024 characters allowed at ito yong translation:

That the request be from the child’s father’s (or mother’s) account. Service requirements: 1- Attach a copy of the passport of the newborn. 2- Attach a copy of the birth certificate. 3- Attach a copy of the resident identity of the father and mother. 4- Attach the copy of the marriage contract (in case the mother is a sponsor) 5- Attach the application form for adding a newborn.

11. I-attached ang mga required na documents na namention sa step number 10.

12 . Good luck and congratulations sa mga parents na may bagong babies.

Nasa baba ang translation ng Announcement ng Al Jawazat

Al Jawazat announces “add a baby” service to the “messages and requests” list via the “Absher” platform

27 Ramadan 1441

The General Directorate of Passports (Al Jawazat) announced the addition of a new service to the list of “messages and requests” available through the electronic platform “Absher”.

And included the new service added to the services available for the list of “messages and requests”, which was launched recently through the platform “Absher”: (the service of adding a baby inside the Kingdom).

Al Jawazat indicated that the beneficiary can implement the “messages and requests” service by entering his account on the “Absher” electronic services platform, choosing the services icon from “My Services”, public services, choosing “messages and requests”, the “General Directorate of Passports” sector, Choosing the required service from the list, which includes in addition to the new services “resident identity problems, visa problems, problems updating passport information and transfer of information, problems of transferring services and profession modifications, suggestions for developing services, extending the visit visa for Yemeni nationals, canceling the notification of absenteeism for security workers Zaliya, the service came out and did not return, “after that the recipient writes the subject and the message and then clicks” send “,

Without repeating sending the request again so that the passport staff can process and implement the service.

Al Jawazat indicated that the availability of this service electronically came within the steps to enhance electronic transactions and communicate with specialists in the General Directorate of Passports to address the observations and problems facing beneficiaries, which appear to them on the platform, and may hinder the completion of their transactions and prevent the implementation of the service electronically through the “Absher” platform, where departments AL Jawazat process the application automatically without the need to review passport headquarters.

The Al Jawazat called on all citizens and residents to take advantage of electronic services to implement their procedures through the Absher and Resident platform that includes many procedures that are provided to citizens, residents and visitors, to facilitate them, shorten time and save effort, in a way that ensures them fast delivery and quality


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