Kuwait MOI naglunsad ng electronic service para sa pagrenew ng iqama via www.moi.gov.kw

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Google Translation of the Arabic Announcement of Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior to English

May 23, 2020, the Ministry of Interior of Kuwait launched a service to renew the residence permit according to Article (17) of the government sector electronically (online) through the official website of the Ministry (www.moi.gov.kw).

The ministry said in a press statement to the General Administration of Security Relations and Media that this comes within the framework of the continuous development process in all service sectors in the security establishment in order to facilitate the citizens and residents and to save time, effort and speed of completion of transactions in cooperation between the housing affairs sector with the information and communications technology sector.

The ministry called on all ministries, governmental bodies and institutions and diplomatic missions operating in the State of Kuwait to urgently and quickly send the names of their candidates who are authorized to renew the residency of their employees, including the name of the authorized signatory, the phone number and e-mail address.

The ministry explained that the operator number will be sent to the authorized signatory in his email in addition to the steps of the renewal process.

It stated that after the activation of its powers, the authorized signatory has the right to appoint a number of operators with him to electronically renew the residency of the employees of its agency

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