Ang Inyong Lingkod: Bagahansol – Cetro Family

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The Cetro – Baghansol Family acknowledges the contribution of the Bagahansol – Cetro family to the filipino community. The family members have maintained a low-profile social status but the things they do to the needy are well known to people who are into real public service.

Community Services

The Bagahansol-Cetro family has empowered a lot of OFWs but this is less compared to the number of endorsements they made so that an OFW can get a Royal Decree for free operation for organ transplant.


“Having spent almost 6 years in the media, both in television and two local dailies in Saudi Arabia, and met all types and kinds of people; from the ambassador to those who spent one Christmas with leftovers to partake and to people I ran to for assistance, the family that made a mark and placed a special spot in my heart are the Bagahansol – Cetro family in terms of helping other people. The family members best exemplify true servants who have real and big hearts and have the ability to love and care for fellows in need unconditionally. They really know the word “sharing” and do it wholeheartedly and with passion.”
– Roland Blanco, Media Correspondent

Tita Edith with SOS Senders, the Nazareno Couple and the Cruz Family

“If an OFW is empowered and he abides with the laws of the kingdom, surely he will never get himself into trouble. Once the empowered OFW is caught by illness that requires expensive operation, he doesn’t have any problem asking for help from kind-hearted people like the Bagahansol – Cetro family. As long as the OFW is a legal worker in Saudi Arabia, he can get a lot of help from real public servants like the Bagahansol-Cetro family.”

“This article might be too short because the family wishes to maintain a low-profile status. The reality is that this page and even the the whole website is not enough to write all the good deeds that the Bagahansol – Cetro family had done towards mankind.”

References :

Bryan Cruz Story
Nazareno Couple – A Love Story

The Cetro – Bagahansol Family was inducted to Anginyonglingkod last 2008

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