MOH Oman: The second batch of the Covid19 vaccine arrives in the Sultanate

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The second batch of Covid-19 vaccine arrived in the Sultanate, with (11700) doses; This batch of vaccines will be used to complete coverage of the same target groups in the first phase, which includes: Dialysis patients. People with chronic lung diseases (chronic obstructive pulmonary asthma with moderate to severe disease severity. Interstitial lung disease); And diabetics who are 65 years and over.

The first stage also includes vaccination of groups of health workers and includes: Workers in intensive care units. Workers in COVID-19 patient care departments. Health workers who are obese (BMI more than or equal to 40). Diabetes; Those undergoing dialysis as well as those suffering from the above-mentioned chronic lung diseases.

The Ministry of Health expresses its appreciation for the glorious response of community members during the first phase of the national campaign for immunization against COVID-19; It stresses the need for continued care to take the vaccine by those targeted during the coming stages. Raising the level of community awareness of the importance of the vaccine ¬Ľand not paying attention to rumors and obtaining information from reliable official sources in the interest of the individual and society.


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