MOH Bahrain: Health Requirements to be observed at social events or gatherings in private residences or other private spaces to mitigate the spread of COVID-19

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The number of guests must not exceed 30 individuals at social events or gatherings in private dwellings and other private spaces, whether they are hosted indoors or outdoors.

  • The number of persons seated at a table must not exceed 6 persons.
  • Maintain a distance of 2 meters from each individual.
  • Buffet style catering services are prohibited.
  • Face masks are required at all times except while seated at a dining table.
  • Commonly touched surfaces such as door handles, dining tables, and seating areas must be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • Restrooms must be disinfected regularly.
  • Hand sanitizer must be readily available.
  • Guests exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 are prohibited from attending.
  • Known positive cases linked to an event must be reported to the Public Health Directorate in order for testing and contact tracing to be carried out.

Violators of this resolution shall be penalised in accordance with the
penalties prescribed in Article 121 of the Public Health Law promulgated by Law No. (34) of 2018.


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