KSA MOI: Extending the suspension of gatherings and events for 20 days starting at 10 PM on Sunday, February 14, 2021

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia decided to extend the restrictions imposed in the framework of combating the Corona virus on gatherings, entertainment activities, cinemas, and internal ordering services in restaurants and cafes for a period of 20 days, which can be extended.

According to the Official Source at the Ministry of Interior, it was decided to extend the following precautionary measures for a period of 20 additional days, starting from ten o’clock in the evening on Sunday, February 14, 2021, which can be extended according to the requirements of the epidemiological situation:

  1. The maximum number of human gatherings in social events shall not exceed 20 persons.
  2. Stopping all entertainment activities and events.
  3. Closing down cinemas, indoor entertainment centers, and independent indoor games places or those located in restaurants, malls, etc., and gyms and sports centers.
  4. Suspending the provision of internal ordering services in restaurants, cafes and the like, and limiting it to submitting external requests.

Sources: https://www.spa.gov.sa/2190223

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