“Don’t pay heed to rumors” – Oman TV Director

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(Patnubay Translation of the Arabic Press Release)

Do not pay heed to rumors

by Director \ Saeed bin Moss Al-Zadjali
Sultanate of Oman TV
March 18, 2021

Despite the state of paralysis that befell the world as a result of the Corona Covid-19 pandemic, and the suffering of individuals, societies and the state; However, praise be to God, the Sultanate ranks among the countries that tried to control the disease, and we ask God Almighty for the disease to disappear with the availability of vaccines. We wish individuals and society not to pay heed to the rumors, but to hasten to take the vaccine.

In spite of the confusion caused by the virus, and the economic and social problems it left behind; But in my opinion, there are a number of things that we can look at in a positive way: Such as the health precautionary measures that have become a general culture – and I personally – I very much encourage wearing a muzzle even for as long as possible.

The pandemic also helped eliminate some habits in which there is frequent contact, whether with kisses or hugs, which facilitate the transmission of some infectious viruses in general, and reduce very large gatherings in particular.

In conclusion, I hope that God Almighty will remove from us and the whole world this cloud that has left many consequences, especially economic ones, and I ask God Almighty to preserve this precious land and everyone on it and the majesty of the Sultan.

Source: https://twitter.com/OmaniMOH

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