Featured Essay: Salt of Life

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I would like to share an article I wrote in Riyadh when i was 19yrs. That was 10 years ago and it was my first drop here in Riyadh.  I thought I would never ever cope up with the Saudi life. Now, it seems like leaving this place means to suffer myself from losing the lighter pace of life.

Salt of Life

Human; when we say human probably what comes into your mind is the composition of flesh and blood. Nevertheless, we may explore on some other understandings about it. But what is behind this word that we may broadly explain? Let’s construe the word human on the vigor point. Let us not view the curative side of this, but more on the basic nature sum and substance.

We are one of the greatest higher life form on Earth. So wonderful that we can move, speak, walk, and able to render all our senses. We have the body to manipulate all these activities and more. And most essential one is that we have the highest wit or intelligence to reason out and contrive our routines and mold our destiny. I believe that most often it is in our palm how we meet all our aims, and to whatever we do, it’s always an optional for us when, where and how we want to make it. We are the ones who play the vital role of life. Initially, to some other creations on earth, we are of course the ones who must preserve and take care of it. It is everyone’s duty to be a custodian of nature. On the other side, we also have role as fellows. It is up to us how we gain peers, how to be a good citizen and how we make ourselves enthusiastic to everyone. And lastly, to which we are very sensible on it… our role for ourselves. It is clearly viewed here our intentions and desires, which of course where we are very wise of. Who wouldn’t want to be in the bed of rose? Precisely all of us wanted it!

Most often in our busy lives of coping up with all our wants and needs, we almost forget that we have left behind the two roles we are being assigned. And in the end, we may feel alone in one island. Nobody is there to rescue you… terribly bad! You have forgotten and passed by everything for your own sake and then certainly you realized you’re in the middle of nowhere. Walking on through life to achieve our goals is too tough, many crossroads that we may pass, and many barriers that we may get along with. Along our way are many hands needs avail that we must not forget to carry on with us, and also those who will share our triumphs and tears. Isn’t much exciting and smooth to travel on our journey when we are diverse? We can play all these three characteristics. We can make our duty for the others and at the same time being wise. What I mean here is for the benefit of both. Well, I must be speaking in general that should be proven and based on self-experience. I’ve been away from my country almost three months from now. I received letters from my acquaintances, telling me how they’ve been missing me. But what touches my heart so much is they reminisce the times they have my presence there. I was that funny girl who makes many funny faces, crack jokes, and jolly. That is to leave behind all headaches and sometimes just out of nothing. Without knowing that I even filled their days with laughter and for few hours to forget their burdens. When I came home from one week away of schooling, we jammed together, make our own party, cook foods and I let them all stay in my room and sleep. We have long hours of chatting and confide each other’s advice.

Then I never noticed how good adviser I am, that I was just the single person they can run on to (very seldom in financial matters …) and whom they can speak out. Well I am a person who talks a lot! To slight myself from all the things I wanted to run away. But surprisingly, that’s also for the benefit of them. No word can be sweeter as THANK YOU and that a person misses you so much during your absence. You will really feel your worth as human. We can do matters for the benefit of both, if we are willing to. We need each other’s hand, we play the most essential element to very smallest thing up to the major ones.

This is what I’m trying to point out, for me HUMAN IS THE SALT OF THE EARTH. The very essential one.. This idiom fits to define human. When you say salt of the earth, meaning the substantial or requisite one. That is the explication of HUMAN.

By: Zhariya Camid – Riyadh (2002)
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