Qatar – Filipino Medical Doctors Vote for Official Name of Organization

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Members of Filipino Medical Association – Qatar during a meeting in Millennium Hotel

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In a meeting held in Millennium Hotel on Friday, 16 March 2012, the group of medical doctors practicing in Qatar voted by majority for their association’s name: Filipino Medical Association – Qatar. It will be known by the acronym FMAQ.

There is a notable increase in the number of Filipino medical doctors arriving in Qatar in the previous months and Dr. Clara Cristobal, Company Doctor of Qatar Airways and one of the first medical doctors in Doha, spearheaded the formation of their association. The group already has 30 members at present. The association is encouraging all Filipino medical doctors licensed in Qatar to join the group.

The group already held a number of meetings in the later months of 2011 and the early parts of 2012. They had already elected a set of officers and are now working on their association’s Constitution and By-Laws. Presentation for the concept designs of their official logo is also on-going.

The association is ironing out the details so that they can apply for an official recognition from the Philippine Embassy – Doha.

The officers of the association are as follows: Dr. Clara Cristobal (Qatar Airways) – Chairwoman; Dr. Luisito Santiago (Qatar Armed Forces Hospital) – Vice-Chairman; Dr. Veronica Macaraeg (Future Medical Center) – Secretary; Dr. Rodito Bisenio (Hamad Medical Corp.) – Treasurer; Dr. Anabell Soriano (Premium Care) – Auditor; Dr. Ma. Concepcion Borlaza (Al Safa Polyclinic) and Dr. Enrico Tolentino (Midmac Co.) – P.R.O.’s.
Incidentally, the meeting in Millennium Hotel was held after a product presentation was carried out by Novartis, a pharmaceutical company. Novartis sponsored the venue for the presentation and meeting. It is also to be noted that Novartis is very active in the Filipino community events, giving away samples of their products in a number of Filipino Medical/Dental/Pharmacy Mission activities.

Submitted by: Lito Lopez

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