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I am 37 years old, a proud mother, and a newbie in blogosphere.  I write about my hidden feelings, pain, dreams, and other personal matters. My personality reflects on my blogs.  It’s good when people come to visit my blog site and leave comments as if they were able to connect with me. But as a beginner, it is very difficult to find or think about ideas that could be appealing to the readers. In anyway, I am still glad that I have that special place in the web where I can be me.

I finished my secondary education in Eastern Quezon College, Gumaca Quezon. It is the same institution where I earned my degree in Education, was employed as secondary school teacher and a part time college instructor. I attained some units in Master of Arts in Education at Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation Lucena City.

After two years of teaching, I quit my job and started to take up six months caregiver course, and landed as a caregiver for the elderly here in Israel. Seven long years of working with old people will soon end, and I am excited for another journey that I will take in the beginning of next year.

What made you join Patnubay Online?

I joined Patnubay Online because I believe in its  principles and in the sincerity of the group to help our  distressed “kababayans” when our own government could not respond or are not able to attend  to their needs, and by giving information/guidance for those innocent OFWs who are not aware of their rights that make them vulnerable to every situation abroad.

How you see Patnubay Online in the years to come?

The organization’s  commitment and the quest for justice and complete change in our devastating political system will lead to Patnubay Online’s success in the years to come. The mission of Patnubay will be realized and the goal will be achieved. People have been waiting for a total change, and are now willing to participate as long as there will be somebody to help them, and it is the function of the organization.

I wish all the members/volunteers of Patnubay Online goodluck! 🙂 And may Allah shower us with so much knowledge and compassion that we may be able to carry our duties as people’s servants.

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About the Author

Reina Emotera
I am a simple loving person, a true friend, a dreamer. I hate politics and its system, but I admire people who render service without expecting for anything in return. I always believe that life is too short, and so we have to live our life to the fullest; and that only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile, so here I am living me life to the making it worth living. :) Future Plan: Soon to relocate to Canada Present: Work: OFW, Caregiver Location: Israel Previous: Work: Secondary School Teacher Part Time College Instructor Location: Quezon Province