Ang Inyong Lingkod: Romulo Tangbawan

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Romulo Tangbawan was born on July 21, 1962 in Barrio Maatop, Balbalasang, Kalinga Province, Philippines.

He finished high school in St. Paul’s Memorial School in 1977. He earned his degree in Journalism at the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication (AIJC).

“AIJC has a number of alumni and students who occupy responsible positions in various national and international publications, community media, and communication management, government offices, and corporation. Ricardo Saludo was managing editor of the Asiaweek, Romulo Tangbawan edits the largest English daily in Saudi Arabia, and Cesar D. Mangawang edits several sections of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Some are heads of communication schools/departments like Celia Acedo of Silliman University, Ma. Teresa Rivera of Xavier University, Evina Torres of Miriam College, Precy Astillero of Trinity College and Rowena Capulong-Reyes of Letran College.” – Source AIJC website

Before working as an editor for Arabnews, Ka romy once worked for the Malaya Newspaper Philippines. In November 6, 1995, Ka Romy wrote an Article for The Chicago Times entitled “Philippines Struggles With Mayhem, Death In Typhoon’s Wake”.

Scott Saboy of the Call of Nature website describes Ka Romy as “A dear friend, he is one of the several persons I know who is genuinely passionate about the preservation and development of the Balbalasang National Park. If you’re wondering how you can help save, maintain or develop one of the few remaining forest stands in the Philippines you may email him at”

Ka Romy is an active member of the St. Paul’s Memorial School Alumni Association SPMSAA.He is an active supporter of the association’s projects and helps maintain the (SPMSAA). website.


”Si Ka Romy? Ang mentor ko sa pagsusulat. A journalist with a heart.

He upholds to the truth and integrity, and never bows down to unbalanced reporting. He left Saudi Arabia with a high degree of accomplishment. The essence of truth, equality and integrity shines in the eyes of this man. He always stand and deliver what he believes is right. A man of compassion and a fighter for justice in his own way.

And what is more, he is a God-fearing and an honest man.”

– Charles Tabu on Ka Romy

Though I met Romy T (as registered in my phone book) only but once in almost 6 years that we’ve been exchanging emails and phone calls regarding the stories I submit for editing, the gentle voice at the end of the line definitely comes from a true gentleman, talented editor who is very respectful of other’s works, a superb mentor, and an exceptionally gifted individual who knows his craft so well and shares his skills selflessly. Pinakamahalaga ang mga salitang dignidad, respeto at pagpapakumbaba sa taong ito.

– Rolando Blanco on Ka Romy

”Si Ka Romy ay larawan ng isang taong may integridad at pagpapahalaga sa nilalaman at nilalayon ng kanyang mga isinusulat. Ka Romy is a kind of person with many personalities in terms of advocacy like –

ground worker

anonymous fighter of rights

effective journalist in bringing out the truth

extended arm of Pusong Mamon Task Force

discreet generous donor

He is an ardent supporter of V-Teams mission and vision; he believes in what the team is doing and advocating for – he is a man of words – he means what he says and he lives what he writes.”

– Ronnie Abeto on Romy

Romulo Tangbawan (Ka Romy) is a world-class journalist; he works with passion in everything he does. He is a non-biased Editor who advocates truth, fairness and justice. He is a person who upholds the principles of transparency, accountability and good governance. Another thing I love about ka Romy is that when he writes, he makes it sure that the readers will learn good lessons. Making a difference to OFWs’ lives thru media, which is what, makes Ka Romy a one strong pillar of the V-Team.

– Tas Espiritu on Ka Romy


Romulo Tangbawan was inducted to Anginyonglingkod last 2008

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