May Day in Los Angeles

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Make Love not War

Words and photos by Dionesio C. Grava
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I recall a time when immigrant and labor-rights marchers were so numerous that the main city streets got clogged up and traffic gone bad almost the whole day. May Day 2012 was a shadow of marches past such that the police outnumbered the crowd who were celebrating, instead of protesting, at downtown’s Pershing square.

Still a cat-and-mouse game of chase occurred in the case of Occupy activists who tried in vain to penetrate the officers line guarding City Hall and police headquarters. At least 13 arrests were made including 10 demonstrators at Los Angeles International Airport who were protesting working conditions there. A policewoman was reportedly hurt when struck on the head with a skateboard. Most had dispersed by 10 p.m. when their city-issued permit expired.

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