Ang Inyong Lingkod: Fernando O. Abeto Sr.

Back Standing : Hazel and Anna of CMA Front : Ronnie and wife Chie
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Back Standing : Hazel and Anna of CMA Front : Ronnie and wife Chie

Fernando Oliva Abeto Sr. (aka “Ka Ronnie”) was born on May 31, 1959 in Tabon (Talim Island) Binangonan, Rizal Philippines to parents Mr. Francisco M. Abeto and Mrs. Ciriaca O. Abeto.

Ka Ronnie wed Mercedita “Chie” P. Abeto (born March 9, 1968) and the couple were blessed with 3 sons and 2 daughters.

Fernando P. Abeto, Jr. (born Feb. 3, 1986),

Rojani Andrea P. Abeto (born Nov. 30, 1987),

Arvin Ivan P. Abeto (born Aug. 12, 1989)

Nina Chinie P. Abeto (born May 22, 1993)

Tristan Venn P. Abeto (born Nov. 19, 1994)

Ka Ronnie works as a Project Services Coordinator in Snamprogetti Saudi Arabia Ltd. from 1995 to the present.


“He is the beau ideal of an advocate who applies servant leadership. He leads his team by example and he always gives great emphasis on Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance. He is very effective on the ground (in) helping the distressed OFWs out of their problems and he is also visible in the cyberspace, giving persuasive views on many important issues. That makes Ka Ronnie a unique leader, a real public servant!” – Tas Espiritu on Ka Ronnie.

“Ronnie is my officemate when we started our career with Snamprogetti in 1990 up to the present, we share the same room and the same office in 1990 to 1992 before he was absorbed by our Head office in Riyadh. His first service to the OFWs was the case of 5 employees of our company who were terminated by Snamprogetti in 1991. They were not reinstated back to their work but they received the payment of their unused portion of their contract and their vacation and end of service benefit were given alongwith a No objection Certificate. From then on until now, I saw how he share his time, his own resources to help distressed OFWs on personal level; he is not associated with any groups or organization but it does not prevent him from providing the needed assistance or to be in the forefront of every call to action on national issues such as OWWA, HSW issue and others” – [Cef Alvarez] on Ka Ronnie.

“He is tireless and aggressive in his advocacies! I knew him since in 1996 and in some ways he involved me in attending to the needs of distressed OFWs as his driver since he has no car that time. I am Nitz Blanco who worked with Dar-Al-Riyadh Consultants as Sr. Project Architect in Prince Sultan Airbase in Al-Kharj; I settled for good in 2001. I witnessed how he communicated and mediate with Saudi employers of OFWs who called for his help, how he represented our kababayans before the Saudi Labor Office despite the fact that no common individuals are allowed inside the court. His house in Batha is a refuge and shelter to the run-aways and there was a time that his ampons reached to 17 OFWs forced him to solicit financial assistance from us and his Binangonan groups to sustain the food requirement of these runaways in his home and those who were in the basement of Manila Center. I am always with him when we were bringing OFWs in the airport who were thankful for his assistance in resolving their cases. I wonder how he was able to manage this alone. I knew how shy he is in brushing elbows with any embassy officials and at the klieg lights of the camera, but he is fearless in interacting and interfacing with them if the welfare and well-being of the distressed kabayan is at stake; he is for me the true picture of a “Bagong Bayani”, I have never known a person like him in my 25 years working in Saudi Arabia – [Arch. Marianito Blanco] on Ka Ronnie

Ka Ronnie with Ka Rodel of APO-RAA

He organized Namfrel Chapter in Saudi Arabia in 2004 elections that covers three major cities, Riyadh, Jeddah and Al-Khobar, a difficult task considering many factors such as the complexities of political situation in Saudi Arabia, its geographical vastness, logistics and limited resources. But he was able to tap respected and non-partisan groups like OFWCC in Jeddah, APORAA & PICPA in Riyadh and RISAL in Al-khobar. This is because of his ardent desire to protect the sanctity of the ballots and to ensure the success of Overseas Absentee Voting being one of the convenor of ICOFVR (Intenational Coalition for Overseas Filipino Voting Rights) who lobbied for the passage of the bill and despite of a very short notice to activate Namfrel in May 2007 election, he still was able to mobilize Namfrel volunteers to conduct quick count and represent in the canvassing of votes unmindful of his work location (he is based at present in Khurais desert for Aramco Gas & Oil Separation Plant project).

NGO Affiliation / Membership

Senior Action Officer – Pusong Mamon Task Force (PMTF)

Member – eLagda Global

Core Group – eLagda-Riyadh

Convenor – International Coalition for Overseas Filipinos Voting Rights (ICOFVR)

Adviser – RISAL (Rizal International Society in Arabian Land – Central Province)

Member – The V-Team / SOS

Member – Juan!

Member – Order of Knights of Rizal – (OKOR – ME Chapter)

Country Coodinator/Convenor/Chairperson – NAMFREL – KSA (2004 Absentee Voting)

Country Coodinator/Convenor/Chairperson – NAMFREL – KSA (2007 Absentee Voting)

Namfrel Experience

Served as Namfrel School Chairman in 1986 snap election and the succeeding elections (1987 & 1989) until he left for Saudi Arabia in 1990.

Duties mainly 1) supervision and coordination of the election activities in three public schools namely Bilibiran Elementary School, Pantok-Palangoy Elementary School and Darangan Elementary School; 2) Attend and witness the distribution by the Municipal Treasurer’s office of election paraphernalias to the BEIs (to control the quantity of ballots and allocation of other election paraphernalias to each precincts); sit as watcher in the canvassing in May 1995 election.

Conduct training on pollwatching duties and responsibilities in May 1995 election. Training conducted in each barangays in Talim Island (total 12 barangays) and in the Liberal Party HQ & Fisherfolks (CALARIZ) HQ for mainland Binangonan.

Religious Background (1983 – 1990):

Parish – Sacred Heart Parish (Tayuman, Binangonan, Rizal)

Vice-President – Parish Pastoral Youth Council

Coordinator – Parish Pastoral Council Youth Committee

Coordinator – Curcillos in Christianity

Legion of Mary: Vice-President – Preasidium Our Lady of Mission – 1981 President – Preasidium Our Lady of the Sacred Heart – 1982 President – Preasidium Regina Apostolorum – 1989 Coordinator – Patrician Committee – 1982 to 1989 Cathechist

President – Young Christian Angels Choir

Coordinator – Family Rosary Crusade

PRO – Gawarasal Movement

Auditor – Apostolado ng Panalangin

– Fernando Oliva Abeto Jr.  was inducted to Anginyonglingkod in 2007.


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