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Anginyonglingkod: Engineer Abdullah Sabig

Engineer Abdullah Sabig is a Saudi national, an independent human rights advocate who had helped a number of migrant workers in Saudi Arabia.

Engineer Sabig’s advocacies involve the following:

  • To uphold human rights and respect cultures, customs and values.
  • To educate the migrant workers, their embassies and even the Saudi nationals about the Laws and Procedure of Saudi Arabia.
  • To guide the distressed migrant worker in the processes of his/her case.

Engineer Sabig provided assistance to OFWs Julian Camat, Hermilo Ramos and Napoleon Fabrigas after the Philippine government agreed for him to translate for the men in court.

Source : Arabnews

Engineer Sabig is also one of the paralegal advisers of Filipina gang-raped victim Teresita Santos after the latter decided not to seek help from any official of the Philippine Consulate in Jeddah.

Source : Arabnews


Engineer Sabig is a close friend and advocacy partner of CMA-OFW-SOS KSA Team. They exchanged ideas and opinions on how to help resolve a case that involves Filipino migrant workers.

Engineer Sabig is a member of Arabian Organization for Human Rights. He was born in 1947, a father of four and has a grandson named Abdullah.
Engineer Abdullah Sabig.  was inducted to Anginyonglingkod last 2008