UAE: Gay partner jailed for one year for having consensual sex with Pinoy victim

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By Bassam Za’za’,
Legal and Court Correspondent

Dubai: A visitor found himself unintentionally involved in a suspected murder case and had to admit that he’s homosexual and had consensual sex with another man, who apparently committed suicide over jealousy grounds.

The 24-year-old Belgian visitor was jailed for one year for having a homosexual affair with his late Filipino sex partner. Prosecutors’ investigation revealed that the Filipino gay, E.M., was not murdered but he jumped to his death because an Australian man ditched him and never showed up on the date when they were scheduled to meet.

The Dubai Misdemeanor Court jailed 24-year-old P.H. for one year after he was convicted of having consensual sex with 23-year-old E.M.

The Filipino was said to have communicated with P.H. on Facebook and after they became friends, the Belgian told E.M. that he wanted to come and work in Dubai, according to records.

“He agreed to host me at his studio. He picked me up from the airport and I stayed with him for nearly two weeks. Gradually he started to reveal to me that he was homosexual… then one day he asked me to have sex with him. At first I hesitated but then I had sex with him… on the day of the incident, E.M. woke up around 6:45pm and informed me that he was depressed because he was ditched and rejected by an Australian man whom he met on Facebook. I was in the washroom when I heard his cries for help. I went out as the voice was coming from behind the kitchen door that was locked from inside.

Suddenly the voice went silent and I heard big bang on the floor underneath… then there were voices of the neighbours rushing down the stairs. I went down and was shocked to see E.M. on the floor,” P.H. claimed.

The buildings’ watchman was the first witness who spotted E.M. hanging down from the window and calling for help.
The watchman reportedly rushed to the elevator to go up and save the victim.
“Suddenly his voice vanished and I heard a loud bang on the floor. I realised that he fell. When I rushed to him, he was still alive and cried ‘P.H. pushed me… P.H. pushed me’,” claimed the watchman.

The Filipino died shortly after he reached the hospital. Police detained the Belgian, who immediately denied that he pushed E.M.

Prosecutors dropped the murder charges against P.H. for lack of evidence. Prosecutors concluded that E.M. locked himself inside the kitchen then jumped to his death out of jealousy and depression.
According to the primary judgement, the accused will be deported after serving his punishment.

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