KSA: Nitaqat expanded

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The Labor Ministry has added four more economic sectors, including petrol pumps, to the Nitaqat system as part of its efforts to create more job opportunities for Saudis.

Other three sectors are: works related to stone, granite and tiles; transport of goods outside cities; and transport of passengers outside cities, the ministry said. “By this we have brought 49 economic activities under the Nitaqat system,” the ministry said.
The ministry, however, emphasized that all activities could come under Nitaqat, considering job market requirements and the number of workers in various institutions.

According to a previous ministry statement, 50 percent transport companies have achieved the required Nitaqat level. “The Saudization levels set by the Nitaqat program in each sector are determined by what can be achieved practically,” it said.
As a result of Nitaqat, 250,000 Saudis were employed in less than a year. Before introducing the system in Shawwal 1432H, it took five years to create such numbers of jobs for Saudis. Nitaqat also helped 54,000 women get jobs within seven months.

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