Archive 2011 – 2013: Articles of Atty JB Jimenez

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  1. On sex for flight and the pork scam – Atty JBJ
  2. The SONA that workers wish for – Atty JBJ
  3. The true State of the Nation – Atty JBJ
  4. Why we should stop sending maids abroad – Atty JBJ
  5. The true leaders’ missions for the country – Atty JBJ
  6. Why many companies lost labor cases in 2012 – Atty JBJ
  7. Featured Balak: KANAUG NA BABY – by Atty JBJ
  8. How is Christmas for the poor? – Atty JBJ
  9. Christmas in a state of national calamity – Atty JBJ
  10. When religion comes in conflict with one’s job – Atty JBJ
  11. Family dynasty in the workplace – Atty JBJ
  12. Employees should learn how to manage their income – Atty JBJ
  13. Illegal dismissal of managers and executives – Atty JBJ
  14. When politics comes in conflict with one’s work – Atty JBJ
  15. Outstanding Employer of the Year (Personnel Managers’ Choice) – Atty JBJ
  16. Employers’ highhanded treatment of their workers – Atty JBJ
  17. The rules on work during disasters and calamities – Atty JBJ
  18. Ten things that they should stop doing to labor
  19. Choosing “the first among equals” 
  20. Too much ado about child labor
  21. What labor really expects from the SONA 
  22. Leaving the government for good
  23. Between food and freedom, jobs and justice – (Ang Kalayaan para kay Atty JBJ)
  25. Labor Day tremors and jitters 
  26. The workers’ Calvary: Their kids’ college education
  27. The politics of wages and oil prices 
  28. Cebuano ship captain, a pirates’ victim 
  29. Persona non grata to the Filipino workers 
  30. Millions of OFWs without embassies
  31. Beware of labor-only contracting
  32. Impeaching for “unexplained poverty”
  33. Opinion: The workers’ take on the impeachment 

Josephus B. Jimenez (Atty. JBJ) is a lawyer, a diplomat, and a servant leader. He has more than 30 years of solid experience as a labor relations practioner.

He first worked for major corporations in the Philippines, such as San Miguel Corporation and Pepsi Cola before he started serving for the Philippine government.

Atty JBJ left the government service last June 4 after a total tenure of 20 years – four years in the judiciary and 16 in the Department of Labor and Employment.

Atty. JBJ also writes a column for the The Freeman News, a daily newspaper published in Cebu by the “The Philippine Star”. He mostly writes about migrant labour and social issues.

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