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Schedules of Embassy on Wheels (EOW) in Al Khobar

Press Release No. 007 – 2013
Source:  Philippine Embassy in Riyadh 

23 January 2013 

In order to meet the high demand for passport renewals in the Eastern Region,   the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh announces its revised schedule for outreach consular services missions to Al Khobar, also known as the “Embassy on Wheels”, for 2013.

The Embassy has added four (4) additional schedules of Embassy on Wheels (EOW) in Al Khobar on the following dates: 14-15 February, 7-8 March, 21-22 March, and 18-19 April.  This is in addition to the previously scheduled consular outreach missions.

Applicants with appointments for the months of February until July 2013 will be re-scheduled to earlier appointment dates.

Below is the new appointment schedule of the EOWs in Al Khobar:

  Eastern Province Original Appointment  Schedule To be served under the New Appointment Schedule
1 Al Khobar 21-22 Feb 2013 14-15 February 2013
2 Al Khobar 28-29 Mar 2013 21-22 February 2013
3 Al Khobar 25-26 Apr 2013 07-08 Mar 2013*
4 Al Khobar 23-24 May 2013 21-22 Mar 2013*
5 Al Khobar 27-28 Jun 2013 28-29 Mar 2013
6 Al Khobar 11-12 Jul 2013 18-19 Apr 2013*

*additional EOW dates

The applicants who will be affected by the revised schedule will be informed by the Embassy through their e-mail addresses and cellphone contact details.

With this revised schedule and additional 4 EOWs, the appointment slots for the consular outreach on 25-26 April, 23-24 May, 27-28 June, and 11-12 July will be considered open.  The online appointment system will be soon amended to allow for online appointments on these dates.###