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For the Father’s Day Celebration in Italy (March 19, 2013)
ACFIL Editorial – March 2013 Edition

A Father in the Filipino context and culture has a very significant role in the family. An old saying which I believe can provide us a clear image of a father says ―Ang ama ay haligi ng tahanan . It means that the father is the ―pillar of a home. What is a pillar? .. it is any upright, supporting part, that makes a building stand. Considering the father as a pillar would mean that he is the prominent supporter of a home. We consider him as someone who keeps our home standing strong and firm against the attack of any intruder. We also consider him as the provider of a home, the breadwinner.

Our very own culture has a very high regard to fathers of every family.

Nowadays fathers of so many families not only takes the role as ―haligi ng tahanan but also ―ilaw ng tahanan an attribute of mothers…why?..I say so because of the present migration realities. That 70% of the Filipinos who leave the country to work abroad are women and to say that most of them are mothers of families. A father and a mother of a family are equally important…true…Yes! We should have them both at home to make us feel comfortable and secure. But we also have to accept certain life conditions that leave our families with no choice but allowing mothers to leave away from home in order to provide for our growing demands of survival. Is it right? I believe most children if they have the courage to express their feelings would absolutely say a big ―NO I supposed, just watching episodes at the International airport.

Shifting of roles?…or sometimes taking both roles! A father who takes the role of a mother who wakes up in the morning and prepare the breakfast of the children before going to school, do the washing of the clothes, do the marketing, the cleaning, the cooking etc. Do you think it is easy? Not at all! What if the mother who is abroad doesn‘t earn enough to provide for the family? The father for sure will also find ways and means to provide what is lacking.
To a larger picture we can imagine maybe the whole family migrated and arrived in the country where demand for work are mostly for women and men remain jobless. For sure the father will take the role of the mothers in keeping the home and taking care of children, accompanying them to school and helping with their assignments. Demeaning? A big ―NO again! Children would even most of the time get closer with their father than their mother because he is always there to assist them in the absence of the mother who maybe, comes home on weekends only.

The great sacrifice of the fathers is worth to be given attention. And forgetting them on their very special day would be ungrateful to our part. The father who, most children in the modern time consider as their ―hero like superman and other superheroes who are always there ready to protect and keep them safe from all dangers deserved our respect and honor. Let us with all our tender, loving care and affection greet all fathers ―HAPPY FATHER‘S DAY!!!