Opinyon ni D_BystandeR: KINSA SI NUR MISUARI???

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Nur Misuari is an intellectual figure who served as UP Professor during his younger days. I cannot understand the comments generated by this news item which seem to undermine his wisdom on matters that principally deal with our patriotic fervor especially at this time that lives of our brother Filipinos who are in Sabah are subjected to the worst kind of maltreatment unimaginable in civilized world.

Take for instance the case where crackdowns against longtime residents in Sabah were done by Malaysian police in most abusive manner imaginable where people who tried to present documents as evidence to prove their legal stay in Sabah the said documents were torn to pieces right in their face, a brazen insult that knows no explanation except that they are drunk of power because they know they have all the military might at their command with fighter jets and ground forces equipped with modern high powered weapons on call. And to think this is done far away from the restricted area they called the “battle zone” were the followers of Kiram are now helplessly holed up. The reaction shown by the P-Noy administration against this maltreatment of Filipinos in Sabah and the wanton display of arrogance and the killing of some Filipinos there who were asked to run as fast as they can and they were mercilessly shot to death like stray dogs is totally outrageous. No right-thinking Filipino will condone this kind of unpardonable ruthlessness. I appreciate the boldness of Nur Misuari to righteously express his highly indignant blast against those who are supposed to take concern of the precious lives of our innocent brother Filipinos viciously killed in Sabah.

When a U,S, Marine was involved in a rape case in our country, he was not abandoned by the US government. And all kinds of support was given to him because the American government realized the importance of supporting its people to protect the dignity of the American wherever he may be, and to let the wheels of justice take its course in whatever controversy.

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