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Pinay injured after being dragged down stairs by Kuwaiti police

Pinay injured after being dragged down stairs by Kuwaiti police
By Maxxy Santiago, ABS-CBN Middle East News Bureau
Posted at 07/12/2013 6:18 PM | Updated as of 07/12/2013 6:18 PM

KUWAIT – A Filipina fitness instructor suffered two broken hands and a busted knee, after being dragged down the stairs by a Kuwaiti policeman inside the office of the Kuwait municipality.

Jenny, not her real name, said she went to the said office on July 7 with her co-workers to renew their health cards. Their company’s liaison officer or “mandoub” was also there to help facilitate their papers, but Jenny and the officer started arguing.

“Pagbalik iniabot niya ang civil ID kay Mirela, yong sa akin ibinato niya sa sahig. Tapos sabi ko bakit ginagawa mo yan? Tapos sigaw na siya nang sigaw, nagsumbong siya sa boss ko tumawag siya, nag text din naman ako,” Jenny related.

Mirela Vulpoi, Jenny’s co-worker, said they called their office manager to explain the situation. “We tell the same what happened and after she talked back with Mandoub everything it’s solved out. Nothing, He’s not around us. He’s just coming and going,” she said.

After two hours, the Mandoub came back with the police.

Jenny said the police told her to stand up, so she went near the stairs where the police and Mandoub were standing.

“Tapos sabi ng pulis pasigaw pa, galit na, ‘bakit ikaw gumagawa ng problema?’ Sabi ko hindi ako gumagawa ng problema pinakinggan mo yong side nya, pakinggan mo iyong side ko. Ikinikwento ko na. Galit na galit pa rin yong pulis sa akin, sabi niya, wala kang galang. Sabi ko, hindi nag eexplain lang ako sa yo,” Jenny said.

After Jenny related her side to the policeman, she was sent to a room to wait for her health cards. Then the policeman grabbed her bag and continued to berate her. He suddenly grabbed her and dragged her down the stairs.

“Hindi niya binibitawan at nakatingin siya sa akin ng masama. Sabi ko, bitawan mo ang bag ko. Binitawan niya iyong bag ko. Hinawakan niya ako nang mahigpit sa braso pagkatapos diretso sa ulo pakaladkad na akong ibinaba sa stairs. Nagsisigaw na ako, wala na naramdaman ko na lang lumulutang ako, at saka manhid, groggy na ako,” Jenny said.

Even Jenny’s co-worker was shocked by the incident.

“I was still on my mobile. It’s not more than two minutes. I hear a scream then I see people goes out. I just stand and running after the people to see what’s happened. I’m looking, the only thing I saw her, bag full of blood from up I’m screaming,” Mirela said.

Maria Benielyn Joy Ibana, another co-worker, said she was shocked. “Tapos yong mga dugo patak-patak hanggang don sa police room tapos yong policeman nakuha pa niyang nanigarilyo… Sabi ko Diyos ko, Baladia ba ito,” she said.

Jenny, who underwent an operation and has bruises on her face, only wants justice to be served.

“Unang kong naisip ko yong mga anak, aerobics instructor ko, ito na ang puhunan ko, katawan ko… Hindi ko naman deserved ito,wala namang akong ginagawa nag eexplain lang ako, hindi naman ako gumawa ng anti-law, nag eexplain lang naman ako. Tinanong nila ako, sumagot lang ako, at yong sagot ko tama lang naman,” she said.

The Philippine Embassy has vowed to help Jenny’s case so she can get justice.