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It seems that abnormal times have taken its toll and found its way into the heart of an otherwise placid province of Bohol and collaterally affecting the hustle and bustle of Cebu and other Visayas and Mindanao areas by unleashing its 7.2 magnitude of fury with impunity. Not only did it topple down centuries-old churches, destroy houses, commercial centers and infrastructures into nothingness but it also subjected the helpless people to shock and awe.

And yet, the culprit is beyond the reach of man. It is faceless. It has no name but it can decimate whatever object that comes in contact with it. It can make us think that life is a swift and terrible race.

The centuries-old churches like the San Pedro Church in Loboc, Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Baclayon, Sto. Niño Church of Cebu, just to name afew, may be down but it is not out to be forgotten. Our faith is building up once more in such magnitude unprecedented in history and it will rise again from the ashes like a Phoenix.

We have read the writing on the wall. That no one will triumph if we allow lackadaisical attitude to flourish instead of forging a united effort ahead to pick up the pieces and move on. “Time is on our side”, so said by singers Jonas Brothers, and “Time waits for no one”, as the song of Rolling Stones goes.

Let us rebuild our castle of hope and forever take the wrath brought about by the treacherous tremor as a challenge to strengthen us and declare proudly, “We are ready to take up any challenge that comes our way because we have the fightingest and indomitable spirit ever known to man. Only in the Philippines.”