Minda Tevez


“MY FATHER: MY HERO” For the Father’s Day Celebration in Italy (March 19, 2013) ACFIL Editorial – March 2013 Edition A Father in the Filipino context and culture has a very significant role in the…

ACFIL’s Ang Tambuli January 2013 Newsletter

Ang Tambuli– is the official  Newsletter of ACFIL,  started  last 2002 up to the present to form and inform the Filipinos in the region regarding the political, social & migration issues especially to those who have…

Events: Finlit Seminar in Turin

Finlit Seminar By:sallybajadecuballes ACFIL will once again conduct a One-day SEMINAR ON FINANCIAL LITERACY and ADDRESSING BARRIERS TO REINTEGRATION. This time it will be in collaboration with Iganap Guardians Torino Chapter and Federal Land Europe….

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Archive 2011 – 2013: Articles of Minda C. Teves

ACFIL’s Ang Tambuli April 2013 Newsletter Events: ACFIL’s 3n1 Celebration ACFIL participates Cena Multietnica Event in Milan: DIASPORA TO DIALOGUE CONFERENCE “MY FATHER: MY HERO” ACFIL’s Ang Tambuli March 2013 Newsletter ACFIL’s FINLIT SEMINAR MORTERA:…