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The System Modules :

This user-friendly system is designed  to achieve a 0% percent downtime (or almost). This can be done by separating the different modules into different applications. Each module runs independently for easy troubleshooting and maintenance..

All the system modules are designed and developed by Joseph Henry "TAS" B. Espiritu of Solutions for Everything Inc. All the system modules used in CMA OFW SOS System are given by S4E Inc. to Center for Migrant Advocacy (CMA) for FREE. This is one of  our noble projects to help our fellow OFWs.

Fig 1.1 - GSM Modem Module

The GSM Modem Module - this is the module that receives all SOS messages. This is also capable of  forwarding (sending)   SOS messages automatically to intended mobile recipients.


Fig 1.2 - Web-Based Module

The Web-Based Module  - This module uses  HTTP / SMPP protocol to receive and to forward  (send) SOS messages. This runs in parralel with the GSM Modem Module and this can also  be used as a backup for the GSM Module. This also automatically forwards SOS Messages to intended mobile recipients.


Additional Features for GSM Modem and Web-Based Module

1. Configurable Recipient Lists - where you can add new mobile numbers as forwarding recipients.

2. Configurable Auto Confirmation Message  - The confirmation message is the message that will be sent back to the sender to confirm that the system have received and have forwarded his/her SOS message.

3. Remote and Manual Blocking - Prank or malicious SOS messages senders can be blocked manually or remotely (thru text)


Fig 1.3 -  Auto - FTP Module

The Auto - FTP Module -  Aside from forwarding SOS Messages to intended recipients (NGOS, DFA, OWWA, POLO, OUMWA, etc). The SOS messages received by the GSM Modem Module and the Web-Based Module can also be accessed live thru the internet and  the application for file transfer is the Auto-FTP Module.


Fig 1.4 -  A Sample Website with SOS Messages

 http://www.patnubay.com/sos/   - the first website to offer a space for SOS messages. The site is secured to protect the privacy of our SOS senders.

Note : the output sos files are delimited text files that can be easily imported in a database for easy archiving and reporting.



Why the Salbabida Logo