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It is hard to rationalize to seek the true meaning of new year. Oftentimes, we associate it with gifts and lace it with promises and amelioration of sort just to see something new to look forward to.

Contrastingly, the deepest recesses of our heart speak differently. Albeit, not all of us stand together as one under the same equilibrium of ideas but the real meaning of the coming Year of the Horse pales in comparison with the actualities of our existence and the possibilities of the future, too good to be true.

Damn if you do, damn if you don’t. But things may be unreachable and harder to materialize if we are not selfless, that is free from the bondage of our insatiable desire for material gains at the expense of others to make life worth-living. It will be asking too much if we demand ourselves to do that which we cannot do by heart and in conscience

I pose the following queries to perk up our curiosity. “Have we outgrown ourselves to know the true, not the peripheral, meaning of new year? Have we not grown accustomed to doing less and expect great in making insignificant and wayward thoughts? Have we given much attention to seeking refuge to what is convenient instead of reaching out for the difficult tasks and self-sacrificing deeds to be able to know that living and sharing are inseparable traits we can take to make up for the lost times in the immediately passing year of 2013?”

Truly, turning a new leaf is tricky. It requires better understanding of ourselves, of our strengths and weaknesses.

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