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True and honest observance of the much-vaunted “Honor Code” will absolve the military institution from any and all allegations of corruption and shenaniganism.

The sad thing is that, charges against recalcitrant military officers and men have remained rampant in our country. We have noted henchmen in the ranks of the military causing the disappearance of media practitioners and read in the papers highly publicized investigation covering the overpriced purchase of military hardware and equipment, not to mention the conviction of a general in the Sandiganbayan.

I am pretty certain, if only the military institution, the PMA in particular had successfully imparted the true meaning of the “Honor Code” and truly imbibed it in the character of its graduates, we would not have all these forms of corruption and abuse of power charges in our midst perpetrated by military officers who sharpened their military background through the aegis and auspices of the PMA.
But alas, “Honor Code”, seems to be just a lonely code that’s only worth-reading in manuals, procedures and speeches.

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