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It is disquieting to note that Mar Roxas gets a slapping from Wack Wack Golf and Country Club for his misbehavior when asked to pay the green fee which is required among all club members.

It is not his suspension that deserves utmost attention, but what matters most is his uncontrolled emotion to be easily irritated when confronted by situation that would put him at par with other members of the club.

Truly, his insulting demeanor simply means that he must come back to his senses. A man of sky-high ambition like him must understand that sheer arrogance is not the solution. Neither is it the gateway to make people know who the real Mar Roxas is. Observance of the rudiments of GOOD MANNERS AND RIGHT CONDUCT is helpful.

For expressing his ambition to becoming the next president, Mar makes the the political landscape smaller for him to fly and roam around freely like a bird. He’ll surely invite praises and admirations not by making uncharacteristic act against a lowly club staff, but by humbling acts appropriate of a leader who aspires to lead a country inhabited mostly by people who wallow in poverty and suffering from the hands of corrupt and arrogant government officials.

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