What is HAGIT?

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H.A.G.I.T. is an abbreviation for  Honesty, Accountability, Good Governance, Integrity and Transparency..

In Visayan language.  “Hagit” means challenge.

The Challenge :

To instill the HAGIT principles in the minds of our future leaders:

We will equip our children with these principles in order to break-up  the vicious cycles of  our corrupt society  especially in Philippine politics.


First Stage

  1. We must start today by empowering our children on what is the right thing to do and by setting ourselves as good examples.
  2. We must be honest to tell our children that we belong to a corrupt generation and that they (our children) are our only hope to make things right.
  3. We will post here all our activities and our learning materials related to the HAGIT Principles.
  4. Our greatest challenge is to eliminate all the blunders of this complacent generation.
Second Stage
  1. Occupy Baranggay Level – 2016
  2. Occupy Municipal Level – 2019
  3. Occupy Provincial Level – 2022
  4. Occupy National Level – 2025

The Seven Blunders of the World  (a list from Mahatma Ghandi)

  1. Wealth without work.
  2. Pleasure without conscience.
  3. Knowledge without character.
  4. Commerce without morality.
  5. Science without humanity.
  6. Worship without sacrifice.
  7. Politics without principle.

For our beloved Country,  God will help us.

Credits and Inspiration:  Jo Dinah Viterbo – founder  HAGIT  of Hilongos, Leyte

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