Isang Egyptian lumalaban para sa Hustisya sa pagkamatay ng Pinay na asawa; sanhi ng medical negligence ng isang hospital sa Kafr Al Sheikh, Egypt

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Sumisigaw ng katarungan si Mr. Mujahid Nasr para sa kanyang asawa na si Mrs Maritezz Gonan. Si Maritezz ay namatay sanhi umano sa “Anesthesia Overdose” sa isang hospital sa Kafr El Sheikh noong buwan ng Enero 2019.

Nagsampa na si Mr. Nasr ng kaso laban sa Hospital na nag-opera kay Maritezz. Sila ay kasal ng mahigit pitong (7) taon na.

Ang pangalan ni Maritezz ay Aisha mula nang siya ay nagbalik-Islam. Siya ay 33 taong gulang lamang nang pumanaw. “Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi Rajiun!”

Nakatutok din sa kaso ang Philippine Embassy sa Cairo

Nasa baba po ang detalye mula sa isang online Arabic newspaper.


(Google Translation of Arabic News to English)

Egypt, January 23, 2019

Her husband appeals to officials to investigate the incident ..

Medical negligence in Kafr El Sheikh!

Death of Filipina life married to an Egyptian because of excessive Anesthesia
Written by Mahmoud Al – Omri

A series of medical negligence, still some hospitals are witnessing at the present time, due to lack of experience to support some doctors or specialists in the treatment of patients, an incident was not normal, 5 hours inside the operating room in Kafr Al-Sheikh takes the life of Ms. Maritez Jonan, now called Aisha, Who is married to Egyptian citizen Mujahid Nasr from Kafr El-Sheikh governorate. Aisha converted to Islam before their marriage 7 years ago.

PHOTO – Marriage contract between the Egyptian citizen and the Filipino woman

PHOTO – Mujahid Nasr and his Filipino wife

“Mujahid Nasr,” his 45-year-old husband told the seventh day that he had been married for more than seven years and lived in the UAE. During their visits to Cairo a few days ago, she performed some medical tests on microinjection, , Went to one of the doctors in the province, who asked her to perform a telescope, saying: “Dr. said the operation did not take 5 minutes and all be fully.”

He added that he was in the UAE and continued with his wife by phone, and prepared for the operation carried out in one of the private hospitals in Kafr El-Sheikh, and entered operations last Friday, January 18 at 2 pm and noon, and departed at 7 pm and then the hospital So at 12 am that the case died. “

PHOTO – Passport of Maritezz

He explained that after the search and confirmation noted that the situation took a dose of anesthesia increase during the operation, stressing that the doctor who conducted the operation did not mention anything, and tried to evade neglect and what happened to his wife in the operations, and after continued with his family came to Cairo, To know what happened to his wife, saying: “The Philippine embassy informed all that happened because his wife has citizenship.”

He went on to narrate the incident: “I edited the number 339 for the year 2019 Department of the first Kafr el-Sheikh, in full and details, and did not receive any replies from them prove what happened to the situation in the operations, and then ordered the prosecution, the transfer of the body to the morgue Kafr El Sheikh, The report, issued a preliminary report that the death is abnormal, stressing that he will continue to face legal order to address the negligence that is located in the final, so as to get the right of his wife.

PHOTO – The written record of negligence

He pointed out that the Philippine embassy followed him and assured him that she will delegate her lawyer to follow up the negligence that followed up with the concerned bodies. He pointed out that he is continuing with him a number of foreign ministry officials and others about what happened and confirmed that they will continue to get his wife’s right.

PHOTO – Death Permit

He stressed that there are some affiliated with the hospital and others continue with him to solve this negligence by obtaining money in return for waiving the record, but he strongly rejected it, appealing to the Minister of Health and officials in Kafr province to intervene until the right of his wife and face medical negligence in the province.

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