Labor Courts ng KSA hawak na ng Ministry of Justice

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Para sa kaalaman ng mga OFW sa KSA – Mula noong November 25, 2018, may bagong procedure na para sa mga labor cases.

Ang dating proseso na ang mga labor courts ay hawak ng Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD), ngayon sa bagong procedure ang labor courts ay hawak na ng Ministry of Justice (MOJ).

Ang bagong procedure ay ipinatupad ng KSA Government para mapabilis matapos ang labor cases. At katulad ng police cases na hawak ng MOJ, ang labor cases ngayon ay maari na rin nating mamonitor thru website.

Saudi ministry of Justice announces official operations of labor courts today

Justice minister, Waleed Al Samaani, announced today the official launch and operations of labor courts during a special event that took place in the Justice training center, a step that brings a boost to the specialized justice system in Saudi Arabia.

The first phase will be the launch and operations of 7 labor courts in Riyadh, Makkah, Jeddah, Abha, Dammam, Buraidah and Madinah . In addition to 27 labor departments and 9 other departments inside appeal courts across the Kingdom. Those courts and departments will be operating with 139 judges and 99 legal specialists.

Justice minister explained that the operation of labor courts is an important step towards boosting the local labor market as well as creating an attractive investment climate to attract investments to the Kingdom in accordance with Vision 2030.

Labor courts will be fully digital and will set new standards to other specialized courts, judges who will commence work in these courts have been selected based on judiciary experience, knowledge and efficiency.

Waleed Al Samaani also mentioned that the shift and progress in the legal sector was due to the full support from the custodian of the two holy mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and crown prince Mohammad bin Salman.

He also expressed his appreciation for the help and support from the ministry of labor and social development and the labor minister; Ahmad Al Rajhi , in order to make this move possible. The introduction of specialized labor courts will improve the performance of working teams inside these courts and will contribute to the development of the justice system. ​

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21 days for amicable settlement of labor cases before litigation: Saudi Ministry of Justice

Labor court regulations set time frames for amicable resolution of claims before going to court; the Saudi Ministry of Justice confirmed. This includes cases governed by the Labor Law, cases related to domestic workers, and complaints against the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) regarding registration, subscription, and compensation.

“There is a 21-day time frame available for amicable settlement of cases subject to the Labor Law,” the ministry explained. “If no settlement is reached, the dispute is digitally filed to the labor courts through the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.”

According to the justice ministry, any case related to domestic workers; there is a reconciliation period of five days after a case is filed to the Commission on Disputes of Domestic Workers (CDDW). If no reconciliation is reached, the Commission has 10 more days for issuing a decision and digitally submitting it to the labor court.

The person against whom a CDDW decision has been issued is given 10 days –from the date he or she receives the decision — for filing a grievance, the ministry explained, If this time passed with no grievance filed, the CDDW decision will be considered final and enforceable.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Ministry of Justice has recently launched the first phase of the labor justice system, including 7 labor courts, 27 labor panels, and 9 appellate labor panels across the Kingdom.

“This is an important step for the stability of the labor market, and the safety and attractiveness of the business environment in the Kingdom,” Justice Minister Waleed al-Samaani said during the inauguration event.

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Para sa kaalaman ng mga OFW sa KSA – Mula noong November 25, 2018, may bagong procedure na para sa mga labor cases….

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