Arab News: Passports e-services to benefit citizens

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Published: Jan 6, 2012 22:35 Updated: Jan 6, 2012 22:35

JEDDAH: A top official in the General Directorate of Passport has said citizens and residents can benefit from the department’s e-services and these offices will be operational on weekends too.

He also confirmed that the application of a fingerprint system for expatriates in the Kingdom has been completed and the system will reduce the number of illegals.

Col. Bader Al-Malek, spokesman of the General Directorate of Passports, said: “This system is linked to the networks of the Interior Ministry and the National Information Center. The program can show the identities of deported persons from the Kingdom who try to re-enter again”.

“The numbers of the pilgrims who do not leave for their countries are reduced. Most of the pilgrims returned to their countries in the recent peak period. Anyone who helps the pilgrims stay in the Kingdom after the Haj will be punished according to the laws of the Kingdom,” said Bader during a ceremony where he helped open e-services offices in a commercial center on Tuesday.

“The e-services offices will provide multiple services to citizens and residents in the Kingdom such as issuing exit and return visas, final exit visas, and renewal and issuance of residence permits for household labor. These offices will work everyday in the morning and in the evening on Thursday and Friday” added Bader.

“This step to open these offices comes within the strategy of the General Directorate of Passports. The directorate is keen to save citizens and residents’ time and effort. We have previous experiences in opening a number of these offices at the commercial centers,” added Bader.


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