Isang Pinoy sa Tokyo arestado dahil sa Credit Card Fraud

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Isang Pinoy arestado sa Tokyo dahil sa Credit Card Fraud

Tokyo, 2019/9/10

Arestado ang Pinoy na si Trentino Nikko, 24-taon gulang dahil sa paggamit ng credit card information na pagmamay-ari ng ibat-ibang tao.

Ayon sa report, dating nagtrabaho si Kabayan bilang clerk sa isang steak shop sa Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo mula Marso 2018 hanggang Pebrero 2019. Inilista daw ni Kabayan ang mga credit card information ng mga customers na nagbayad sa steak shop na dating pinagtratrabahoan.

Ginamit umano ni kabayan ang credit card information ng ibat-ibang tao as online payment sa pagbabayad ng kanyang pamasahe sa taxi at sa pagcheck-in sa mga hotel. Ang kabuuang halaga ay umabot ng 9.5 million yen (4.6 million Php)

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Suspected misuse of customer card information Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested Filipino society

2019/9/10 17:26

As a result of illegally obtaining credit card information from customers at the high-end steak shop at work and using it to pay for taxis, the Metropolitan Police Department Organized Crime Countermeasures Special Investigation Team is undecided by the 10th, Unemployed, Filipino national Trentino Nikko (24) was re-arrested on suspicion of fraud and installment sales law violations.

According to the group special corps, the suspect was a steak shop clerk in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. From March last year to February this year, he wrote down the name and number of the customer’s card, and paid for a luxury hotel suite room and taxi. It seems that it was misused in about 360 payments. The total damage is about 9.5 million yen.

The card company provides information to the Metropolitan Police Department because of suspicious records. The suspect was arrested and prosecuted twice for suspected frauds using an electronic computer, alleging that the hotel charges were illegally settled since July.

Suspicion of re-arrest on August 15 last year was obtained from the card information of a male doctor (47) in Koto-ku, Tokyo, and he paid a taxi fee of 1210 yen on the 30th.

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