Pinay na nang-iwan noon ng sanggol sa isang orphanage sa Japan, hinahanap ng kanyang anak

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Pinay na nang-iwan ng sanggol sa isang orphanage sa Japan mahigit isang dekada na ang nakaraan, hinahanap ng kanyang anak na gustong magkakaroon ng nationality.

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“I was a Filipino”. Nationality acquisition staff is looking for a mother

April 8, 2021

“I was Filipino.”

In the spring of 2009, at the Embassy of the Philippines in Minato-ku, Tokyo. A boy (6 years old at the time) who came to the procedure for acquiring nationality from an orphanage in Nagano Prefecture tweeted.

The boy’s father is Iranian and his mother is Filipino. However, he was stateless because his mother did not go through the birth registration process at the Philippine embassy.

Her mother was unable to raise him, and the boy was taken to an infant care center in the Koshinetsu region shortly after birth and then raised in an orphanage.

According to a male facility employee (45), he often asked the boy, “Where is your mother?” And “What kind of person is your father?”. The same is true for the other children in the facility.

At the age of three or four, when he began to feel at home in the orphanage, the boy began to feel that his appearance was different from the children around him. He began to say, “Why am I different from everyone?”

He can be raised up to 18 years old in a facility without nationality. However, even if he grows up without nationality, he will not have a passport and will interfere with the marriage procedure. A male employee felt, “I’m worried when this child grows up.”

In March 2009, when admission to elementary school was approaching, it began to move to get boys to acquire nationality.

Business group that responded promptly asked the local child guidance center for help and started by looking for the mother.


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