Half-Pinay ang kakanta ng mga Japanese songs para sa Disney’s “Ultimate Princess Celebration”

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Ang “Ultimate Princess Celebration” isang global festival kaugnay sa mga Disney princesses, na may temang “courage and kindness”

Si Miisha Shimizu, ang napili ng Disney na kakanta ng mga Japanese songs sa nasabing festival. Si Miisha ay anak ng Hapones na ama at Pilipina na ina. Sinabi ni Miisha na ang kanyang husay sa pagkanta ay namana niya mula sa kanyang ina.

Si Miisha ay nadiskubre ng mga taga-Disney dahil sa kanyang Tiktok videos.

Nasa baba ang English translation ng mga Japanese News

Miisha Shimizu Cinderella “Debut”, Disney Project Japanese Version Theme Song

6/3 (Thursday

Miisha Shimizu (21) was appointed as the singer of the Japanese version of the theme song of the global project “Ultimate Princess Celebration” that focused on the heroine of Disney works. A newcomer before his debut. Shimizu’s Cinderella story is about to begin. 

The project is a worldwide event and video distribution related to Disney princesses and heroines under the theme of “courage and kindness.” The title of the theme song is “Starting Now-To Atarashii Watashi” and will be released on the 22nd. The original English version will be handled by Grammy Award-winning singer Brandy (42). It will be available in more than 10 languages ​​such as Japanese. 

The reason why Shimizu was pulled out was the video application “TikTok”. The singing video I posted caught the eye of the person in charge on the Disney side. The person in charge explained the reason for the appointment, saying, “I paid attention to the outstanding singing ability and the future that will start and fly big as the title of the song.” Shimizu was overjoyed, saying, “When I was contacted, I shouted.” 

After working in the chorus club in junior high school and aspiring to be a singer, he won the “THE Karaoke ★ Battle” on TV Tokyo in high school. After graduating, he studied abroad in New York, USA, and studied at a drama school for two years. My favorite Disney princess is Ariel, the mermaid princess of “The Little Mermaid”. “I will never give up to fulfill my dream of going to the human world. I also had my back pushed,” he recalls. This song is also a message song that encourages people who work hard, and I am enthusiastic that I can convey the courage and kindness to take a new step. In the future, Shimizu says, “I want to be an artist who can deliver the story firmly.” 

Debuting in the United States is a big step for myself as my goal. ◆ Miisha Shimizu Born March 10, 2000 (Heisei 12), 21 years old from Mie prefecture. Half with a Japanese father and a Filipino mother. Under the influence of my mother who loves music, I have been playing the violin and piano since I was 3 years old. My favorite singer is Ariana Grande (27). Ariana in high school

Source: https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/cb68ecf6985f528eee0e182ee95fe04f0102ca16


Ultimate Princess Celebration Japanese version theme song “Starting Now-To Atarashii Watashi” Singing artist decided!

“Ultimate Princess Celebration” is a global festival that delivers surprise and joy through various measures related to Disney princesses under the theme of “courage and kindness”. A newcomer, Miisha Shimizu, has been selected as the Japanese theme song artist for this festival. The Japanese version of the theme song “Starting Now-Atarashii Watashi e” will be released on June 22nd (Tuesday).

So far, Disney Princess works have produced a number of masterpieces that express the feelings of the heroines. In “Cinderella,” “Dream is secret,” which describes a heart that never gives up despite the predicament. In “Aladdin”, Jasmine’s longing for a new world and his crush on his own path are put on “A Whole New World”. Also, in “How Far I’ll Go” in “Moana and the Legendary Sea”, the heroine’s courage and determination to stand up to protect his beloved hometown and people. What they have in common is the will to “decide your own future by yourself” and a positive message that will serve as a guidepost for listeners.

The theme song “Starting Now-To the New Me” that was born this time follows all the messages that Disney princesses have conveyed so far, and as the title “Starting Now” indicates, “Looking for a new self, It is a power song that emphasizes the importance of “taking a step without turning around.”

The Japanese version of this power song will be delivered by Miisha Shimizu, who has taken a step forward as a professional artist with this song. Currently 21 years old, Mr. Shimizu is a genuine Disney fan who grew up with Disney songs as a lullaby from an early age due to the influence of his mother who loves Disney. Awakened to the joy of singing in junior high school, after graduating from high school, I studied abroad for two years at the New York Film Academy Musical Theater, a prestigious drama school in New York, aiming to become a musical actress. After graduating, he returned to Japan and is now a college student attending music college. In TikTok, who posted “I want you to listen to your own song,” not only its extraordinary singing ability, but also the whistle voice, which is far from the Japanese, attracted attention. The person in charge of Disney Japan who listened to the singing posted on SNS paid attention to the high singing ability and the future that will start right now and fly big as the title suggests, and made an offer as a Japanese version artist at the US headquarters. After the examination, it was appointed this time.

The original version of “Starting Now” has already attracted attention because the Grammy Award®️ winning artist Brandy is in charge of singing, but the theme songs by each artist in various countries and regions including Japan. Deployment is planned. The Japanese version of the theme song “Starting Now-To Atarashii Watashi” will be delivered on June 22nd (Tuesday). In the future, Miisha Shimizu will perform “Starting Now-To the New Me” in various forms such as live performances and media exposure, and we all have a heart, which is the theme of “Ultimate Princess Celebration”. We support the “courage and kindness” that we have.

Source: https://www.disney.co.jp/fc/princess/news/20210603.html

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