Video: KSA MOH Spokesperson announces the percentage of people immunized, and the beneficiaries of the third dose.

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(Unofficial English Translation)
Ministry of Health Spokesperson: Indicators have proven that the Kingdom is always in the advanced centers in the world, and we call for hastening the completion of immunization to reach safety and security from the pandemic.

(Unofficial English Translation)

Sunday 02/19/1443 AH corresponding to 09/26/2021 AD SPA

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali, confirmed that the epidemiological indicators in the Kingdom and the world continue to decline – praise be to God – which bodes that the world is progressing step by step to confront this epidemic.

He added that the Al-Baha region leads the percentage of those vaccinated with two doses of the vaccine in the Kingdom’s regions with 67.0%, followed by Riyadh 66.1%, then the Eastern Province 65.5%, Makkah 58.4%, Asir 56.1%, Qassim 55.5%, Jazan 53.7%, Tabuk 53.7%, Hail 51.0 %, Madinah 50.7%, Northern Borders 50.5%, Najran 48.9%, Al-Jawf 48.9%.

The health spokesman urged the speedy completion of immunization to reach safety and security from the pandemic, stressing that the remaining steps are very important and that the indicators have proven that the Kingdom has always been in the advanced centers in the world, and is a role model.

And he indicated that the Ministry of Health has started giving the additional “third dose” booster doses to specific priority groups according to scientific developments and updates from patients with kidney failure or those who have transplanted organs, and preparations are being made to include the elderly over the age of 60 who were given the second dose over 8 months. Details will be announced soon.

Al-Abdali indicated that the number of doses of the Corona Covid-19 vaccine given in the Kingdom has reached more than 41 million doses given in all Corona vaccine centers in the Kingdom’s regions, which number exceeds 587 centers, pointing out that the number of those who received the two doses has reached more than 18 million and 300 thousand.

He pointed out that 44 new cases of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) were recorded, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the Kingdom to (546926), including (2277) active cases, and the number of critical cases reached (244) cases.

This came during a press conference held today, with the participation of the official spokesman of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, Saad Al Hammad, noting that the number of people recovered in the Kingdom – praise be to God – reached (535,950) cases by adding (58) new recovery cases, while the number of deaths reached (8699) cases, with the addition of (5) new deaths – may God have mercy on them all -.

For his part, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, Saad Al Hammad, explained that the Ministry of Human Resources followed up its efforts at the level of the Kingdom’s regions to ensure the facilities’ commitment to applying precautionary and preventive measures, and accordingly, 87,500 monitoring rounds resulted, and 1948 violations of the precautionary measures were recorded on the facilities. and 3784 reports received by the Ministry of Resources regarding violations of the precautionary measures.

Al Hammad stressed the importance of continuing to apply precautionary measures, obtaining information from its official sources, and reporting any irregularities that are monitored.

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