JORDAN MOH: Listahan ng vaccination centers sa buong bansa

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Vaccination centers in which vaccines are available, according to the type of vaccine and the number of doses for Wednesday 6/10/2021

Pfizer vaccine first dose and second dose for Wednesday, 10/6/2021

A. The first dose vaccinations are behind schedule

B. First dose vaccinations for ages 12 years and over, without prior appointment.

– C. Vaccinations for the second dose (without specifying a date) for those who received the first dose of Pfizer before 10/7/2021 .

D. Vaccines the second dose for the pre-programmed dates and for those who missed taking the second dose 

***** Required by the Ministry of Health

Accompanying the guardian for the age group from 12 years to under 18 years to obtain his written consent to vaccinate his children

Healthcare CenterCityDose OrderVaccine Name
Irbid Cultural CenterIrbid1+2Pfizer/Biontech
University of Science and Technology _ main gate _ gymnasiumIrbid1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Irbid Camp Improvement Committee (Yarmouk Hall)Irbid1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Al-Hassan Sports CityIrbid1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Al-Hassan Sports City. From inside the car Drive ThroughIrbid1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Hobras Comprehensive Health CenterIrbid1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Sharhabeel bin Hasna municipality centerIrbid1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Deir Abi Said Youth CenterIrbid1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Ramtha Comprehensive Health CenterIrbid1+2Pfizer/Biontech
North Shouneh Comprehensive Health CenterIrbid1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Taiba Comprehensive Health CenterIrbid1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Al Farouk Health CenterIrbid1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Al Mughayer Health CenterIrbid1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Al Naima Health CenterIrbid1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Qimeem Comprehensive Health CenterIrbid1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Kfarawan Health CenterIrbid1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Prince Rashid Military HospitalIrbid1+2Pfizer/Biontech
New Maadi Municipal HallBalqa1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Baqa’a Camp Improvement Committee HallBalqa1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Al Subaihi Health CenterBalqa1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Al-Baqi Health CenterBalqa1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Fuheis Health CenterBalqa1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Karama Health CenterBalqa1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Ain Al Basha Comprehensive Health CenterBalqa1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Wadi Al-Hoor Health CenterBalqa1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Hajj Affairs Association – Al-MsherfaZarqa1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Zarqa camp improvement committee hallZarqa1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Azraq camp for Syrian refugeesZarqa1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Prince Muhammad City for YouthZarqa1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Blue comprehensive health centerZarqa1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Al Dulail Comprehensive Health CenterZarqa1+2Pfizer/Biontech
stone valley health centerZarqa1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Prince Faisal Governmental HospitalZarqa1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Directorate of Health Affairs of Tafila GovernorateTafila1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Alhasa comprehensive health centerTafila1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Tafila Comprehensive Health CenterTafila1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Basira Comprehensive Health CenterTafila1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Prince Zeid Military HospitalTafila1+2Pfizer/Biontech
General Syndicate of Professionals and MechanicsAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Amman Youth Hostel – Al Hussein Sports City – Gate 7Amman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Al Hussein Gardens Gate No. 2 from inside the car Drive ThroughAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
King Abdullah Gardens/Al-Muqabaleen, East Gate 2, from inside the car Drive ThroughAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Diwan Al-Hamlan – UNICEF Roundabout – opposite Jordan River Foundation – MarkaAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Ya Hala Hall – Al Hussein Sports City – Gate 1Amman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Ya Hala Hall 2 – Al Hussein Sports City – Gate 1Amman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Abu Nseir Comprehensive Health CenterAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Princess Basma Health CenterAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Giza health centerAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Qweismeh Comprehensive Health CenterAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Al Muwaqar Health CenterAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Al-Nasr Health CenterAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Northern Hashmi Health CenterAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Sweileh Health CenterAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Marj Al Hamam Health CenterAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Naour Comprehensive Health CenterAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Istiklal HospitalAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Islamic HospitalAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Al Jazeera HospitalAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Middle East Eye HospitalAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Marka Specialized HospitalAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Jordan Hotels Association – Ammon Complex – Tunis StreetAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Prince Faisal Hall, Gate 1 – King Abdullah II City – QweismehAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Al-Nasr Camp Services Improvement Center – Al-AsimahAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Jubaiha Comprehensive Health CenterAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Wadi Al-Seer Comprehensive Health CenterAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Sahab Cultural Center and Theater/ SalbodAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Jordan University HospitalAmman1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Directorate of Health Affairs in Aqaba GovernorateAqaba1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Tunisian Hammamet Street CenterAqaba1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Al-Quwaira Comprehensive Health CenterAqaba1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Prince Hashem bin Abdullah Military Hospital / AqabaAqaba1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Al Raba Health CenterKarak1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Al Safi Health CenterKarak1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Al Qatraneh Health CenterKarak1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Karak Comprehensive Health CenterKarak1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Faqoua Health CenterKarak1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Manshiet Abu Hammour Health CenterKarak1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Moab health centerKarak1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Mutah Health CenterKarak1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein Military HospitalKarak1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Southern Mazar Health CenterKarak1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Municipal stadium. Prince Ali Sports ComplexMafraq1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Zaatari camp for Syrian refugeesMafraq1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Chest Diseases Center / Health Affairs Directorate of Mafraq GovernorateMafraq1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Erhab Comprehensive Health CenterMafraq1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Zaatari Comprehensive Health CenterMafraq1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Balama health centerMafraq1+2Pfizer/Biontech
King Talal Military HospitalMafraq1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Souf camp services improvement committeeJerash1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Medical Aid Center for Palestinians – Gaza CampJerash1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Al-Razi Comprehensive Health Center / JerashJerash1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Berma Health CenterJerash1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Jerash Sports ClubJerash1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Greater Jerash MunicipalityJerash1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Ashtafina Comprehensive Health CenterAjloun1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Prince Hassan Comprehensive Health Center (Kafranja)Ajloun1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Comprehensive rock health centerAjloun1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Ajloun Comprehensive Health CenterAjloun1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Professional Syndicates Complex – MadabaMadaba1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Theban Health CenterMadaba1+2Pfizer/Biontech
North Madaba Comprehensive Health CenterMadaba1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Petra Visitor Center / DowntownMa’an1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Petra Comprehensive Health CenterMa’an1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Al-Jafr Health CenterMa’an1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Major Martyr Muhammad Dhaifallah Al-Hababah Health CenterMa’an1+2Pfizer/Biontech
il health centerMa’an1+2Pfizer/Biontech
Ma’an Comprehensive Health CenterMa’an1+2Pfizer/

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