Pinay sa Dubai nagtangkang magpapakamatay, nailigtas ng isang Masri

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Noong Oktubre 30, 2021, lumabas sa dalawang news websites ( at na naka-based sa Egypt ang kwento tungkol sa kabayanihan ng kanilang kababayan dahil sa pagligtas nito sa isang Pinay na nagtangka umanong magpakamatay.

Ang insidente ay nangyari umano sa bansang UAE. Naghintay tayo ng ilang araw pero walang lumabas na parehong balita sa mga UAE based newspapers.

Inilabas natin ang kwento na ito dahil kababayan natin ang nasabing nailigtas. At para na rin maiparating natin sa konsulado at POLO natin sa Dubai, maimbestigahan nila at matulongan ang kababayan natin.

Kung totoo man ang kwento na ito, magpapasalamat tayo kay “Issam Ali Fathi”, ang Egyptian na sinabing nakapagligtas ng ating kababayan.

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A Minyawi young man saves a Filipina girl from a suicide attempt in the UAE

10/30/2021 12:16:18 PM

A young man named “Issam Ali Fathi” saved a 38-year-old Filipina girl named “Aiden”, from her suicide attempt, by wrapping a rope around her neck and tying it to the iron window of her bedroom in Building No. P13, International City in the French Quarter in Dubai.

While she tried to throw her body from the window of the room to end her life with the rope, but fate wants to play its role, so he sends her at this time an Egyptian young man to save her from that situation, as he rushed towards her to grab her hand and lift her up, and thus her life came back to her in a blink of an eye after she almost ended it.

Essam Ali Fathy, 30 years old, from Samalut Center in Minya Governorate, put his life at risk and did not threaten the situation, but his life almost died, fearing for the girl’s life and soul, while Essam suffered a torn ligament and tightened the muscles in his left leg.

After he rescued the girl from suicide, the neighborhood police kept the girl, and she is being investigated in the incident about the reason for her attempt to commit suicide.

For their part, the policemen thanked the Egyptian young man, who put his life at risk in order to save the life of the Filipino girl at the last moment.

I did not think of myself .. “Today” a young man interviewed a young woman who tried to commit suicide in Dubai

Oct 30, 2021 – 21:15

Chivalry is preserving human souls without regard to gender, sect, or creed, and they are actions, not words and slogans that are chanted in forums, as they appear in difficult situations and adversities, and from here came the position of Issam Ali Fathi Al-Masry, son of Minya Governorate, when he saw a girl trying to commit suicide to end Her life came from the highest building in Dubai, due to her limited financial conditions, so he hurried to save her, indifferent to the consequences of what happened.

Beginning of the story

Essam Ali Fathi, 30, known as Essam al-Turki, from Samalut, north of Minya Governorate, said, I was working as an HR in a company in Minya, and then I got a job as a legal advisor in Saudi Arabia, and due to the circumstances that emerged due to the Coronavirus, we had to travel in transit for any I chose the UAE to spend 15 days of transit.

I continued, while I was in the parking lot of the building in which I was living in Dubai, in the International City in the French Quarter P13, I was surprised by personal items falling from the top of the building “a hanger, a “kochi” and other things, and I looked up and saw a person sitting on the window, and I do not know if he was sitting inside. Or outside, and his feet are visible outside the window.

While an Egyptian man rescued a girl in Dubai

“I hurt my feet and back while rescuing the girl”

Issam went on, “I saw an old woman seeking help from me from afar, “Right, my son, tell someone with her in the apartment.” I did not think about what happened to me, a ligament tear in my right foot and a muscle strain in my left foot, and some problems in my back due to the wrong movements as a result of opening the door to the room.”

Poor financial conditions push the girl to commit suicide

He added, I entered the girl’s room and found her sitting on the window from the outside, tying one end of the rope to the iron of the net and the other end around her neck, and she would jump down until she was hanged and end her life. With the strength to undo the rope wrapped around her neck, I unscrewed the sawmill wire and by God’s grace, she was saved.

The ambulance came in about 5 minutes to save the girl, and the police took custody of her and issued a report on her and her residence.

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