Pinay na nakapatay ng amo sa Lebanon noong 2014, nahatulan ng 20 taong pagkabilanggo

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Marso 7, 2022 – Lumabas ang article ng Saida Online News tungkol sa hatol ng Mount Lebanon Criminal Court para sa isang Pinay na nakapatay ng kanyang amo noong 2014.

Ang Mount Lebanon Criminal Court, na pinamumunuan ni Judge Kamal Nassar, ay nagkakaisang nagpasya sa mga sumusunod:

  • 20 taon na pagkabilanggo ng akusado, umpisa sa petsa ng pagdakip sa kanya noong 2014.
  • Pagbabayad ng akusado ng damages and holiday compensation sa pamilya ng biktima, na nagkakahalaga ng 70 thousand dollars.
  • Pagpadeport sa akusado pagkatapos niyang makumpleto ang hatol na kulong at mabayaran ang danyos.

Nasa baba ang English Translation at link ng Arabic article.

The judicial editor wrote:

The Broumana Police Brigade had received a call that a murder had occurred in the locality of Ain Saadeh, so the patrol moved from the aforementioned platoon to the crime scene, where, by sensory detection, the victim, Nadine.G, was found dead, lying in underwear on the floor at the entrance to the sitting room, and the accused Rhodesia F. (Filipina) sitting on the floor in the living room.

At the stage of the witnessed crime, investigations were launched so that the investigating judge moved to the place of her occurrence and conducted a field examination and inspected the body of the victim, then listened to the accused Rhodesa, who stated that she had been working in domestic service with the plaintiff, Imad K., the husband of the victim, five years ago, and that she had traveled to her country For about two weeks, then she returned to her work, and then a sexual relationship arose between her and the plaintiff, the husband of the victim. It began with touching and developed into a full relationship, and they were having sex when the victim and her two children left the house.

She stated that in the recent period the relationship between her and the victim had been strained due to the latter’s suspicion of a relationship between her and her husband, and as a result, she began to mistreat her, adding that she woke up on the date of the crime at half-past five in the morning as usual and prepared coffee for the plaintiff Imad, who then left the house with his daughter To the nursery, and as soon as he left, about half-past seven, the victim asked her in a high tone to bring her clothes and her bag quickly, and she replied, “present.” She closed the bathroom door on the daughter of the eldest victim who was inside it so that she would not see the fight with her mother, then she hit her on the head with a glass vase and she immediately fell on the ground and blood started to flow from her head, then she returned and hit her on the head with an iron tool for sport (they fists weighing weights). One five kilograms) several times hysterically, and added that after confirming her death, she called her employer, the plaintiff, and informed him that she had killed his wife, stressing that she did not plan to kill the victim and was not determined to However, she killed her because she pulled her hair and called her an obscene word.

In the initial investigations, the prosecutor stated that there were no serious differences between the accused and his wife, denying the existence of any sexual or emotional relationship with the accused and that his wife was sharp-tempered and irritable at times, but she was kind-hearted so that she calmed down immediately after screaming, indicating that the murder According to him, it occurred as a result of the quarrel that took place between his wife and the accused.

The report of the forensic doctor assigned by the Public Prosecution showed that the victim was lying on the ground on her stomach, and she had a wound to the scalp from the back, 1.5 centimeters from the right ear, and another wound to the bottom of the head from the back to the middle, and near it a wound from the side Left, with multiple fractures in the forehead, face, and nose.

Listening to the accused again by the investigative judge, she admitted that she had killed the victim, and that there were permanent disputes between the plaintiff and his wife, and that one day, after she finished having sex with him, he asked her to kill his wife, but she did not answer him because she was afraid and that he repeated his request before he traveled to One of the Arab countries did not answer him either, adding that he asked her to kill her the night before the crime and that she did so after a quarrel with the victim, at the request of the prosecutor.

Listening to the latter before the investigating judge, he denied what was stated in the accused’s statement in whole and in detail, stressing that his relationship with his wife was very good, and there were no family disputes, adding that his wife did not suspect at all that there was a sexual relationship between him and the accused, and that his relationship with the latter developed To a sexual relationship, but it is just a mistake and a whim.

In light of the contradiction between the statements of the plaintiff and the accused, it was decided to hold an interview between them, as each of them insisted on his testimony, so that the accused retracted her statement and said that it was incorrect, stressing that she tried to pin the accusation on the husband because she was angry with him because he did not care about her and did not help her or ask about her at the place of her arrest, adding, That the plaintiff never asked her to kill his wife and that she did it after a quarrel broke out between them and she lost her temper.

By listening to the testimonies of witnesses, including the slain parents, they confirmed that there were no problems between their daughter and her husband and that their family life was happy and stable.

At the request of the accused, submitted by her legal representative, a psychiatrist was assigned to examine her mental and psychological state, and he confirmed that the accused, on the date of the examination, does not suffer from any mental disorders, mental illness, hallucinations or delusions, and therefore does not suffer from any psychotic or schizophrenic state. He added that she does not suffer from any disturbance of the mood, and she expressed her actual remorse and cried during the examination, stressing that he could not prove that the accused, on the date of committing the crime, suffered from any disturbances, as she does not mention the details of the crime, and he explained that he considers that the expression of remorse comes from a natural character and not About a sick person or suffering from schizophrenia.

The Mount Lebanon Criminal Court, headed by Judge Kamal Nassar, unanimously ruled the following:

End the prosecutions against the accused, Rhodesia, of Article 549 (intentional murder) of the Penal Code, for lack of verification of her criminal elements, and incriminating her with the felony of Article 547 of it, and punishing her with hard labor for a period of twenty years, provided that the period of her arrest (since 2014) is calculated.

– Obligating the accused to compensate the plaintiff with an amount of seventy thousand dollars in compensation for the damages and holidays.

– Permanent expulsion from Lebanese territory immediately after the execution of her sentence.

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