Pinay sa Kuwait, pinatay ng asawa na Egyptian

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Nailathala sa Al Rai News kahapon Marso 21, 2022, ang balita tungkol sa isang Filipina sa Mahboula District sa Kuwait, na pinatay umano ng kanyang asawang Masri. Napag-alaman ng mga awtoridad na nakaalis na ng Kuwait ang suspek dala ang kanilang dalawang anak habang naiwan naman sa isang nursery ang kanilang sanggol na anak.

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A Filipina was suffocated by her Egyptian husband in Mahboula

A report was received to the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior that a Filipina expatriate was murdered in the Mahboula area.

When the concerned authorities moved to the scene of the accident and examined the body, the initial evidence concluded that she had been killed by her Egyptian husband, who turned out to have left for his country with two of his children, leaving the third (an infant) in a nursery.

The victim’s body was found decomposing

A few days ago, the neighbors heard an argument between the spouses
A security source revealed to “Al-Rai” that the Kuwaiti authorities are preparing a memorandum to address their Egyptian counterpart regarding the “Mahboula crime” that killed a Filipina at the hands of her Egyptian husband and left the country with two of his children, leaving a baby in a nursery.

The source said that “the operations of the Ministry of Interior, as soon as it received a report of the crime, moved to deal with it the security men led by the Director of Ahmadi Security, Major General Saleh Matar, and his assistant, Brigadier General Walid Shehab, accompanied by forensic evidence and medical emergency technicians. rot, according to a forensic report.

The source added, “Initial investigations indicated that the victim suffocated her by suffocation by her Egyptian husband, who was able to leave the country, the day before yesterday, taking two of his children with him. She said, “I traveled with two children, the third in the nursery, and my wife was dead in the apartment,” followed by another, “I took the children so that they would not be separated because of their mother.”

The source added that “the information indicated that the neighbors heard a few days ago an argument between the spouses,” noting that “the Kuwaiti authorities are preparing a note to be sent to the Egyptian authorities regarding the incident, to take legal measures.”


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